Sauce from lamb stock or jus or from fish stock - very restricted ingredients

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Dec 9, 2023
NE NSW Australia
Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know how to make a sauce with the above base ingredients but without adding any carbohydrates, dairy, anything fermented inc vinegar, sugar? Spices are excellent and preferences are little or no chilli, no cinnamon, little or no clove, garlic if well cooked, no ginger. Other spices such as turmeric, lemongrass, pepper, cardamon, cumin, coriander are great. Can use xantham gum or methylcellulosis for thickening.

It is a pretty crazy list of limitations but a sauce to pour over steamed, baked, stir freight green veggies, or fish or lamb would be fantastic.

Can anybody help?
Oh yeah, olive oil is great. Coconut milk is too sweet :(. Can't eat nuts such as almond meal anymore. Too heavy if that makes sense.
Which veg are okay? Onions? Tomatoes? Mushrooms? No nuts, but what about seeds, like pumpkin or sunflower?
Quite a restricted list indeed!
What would you use the sauce for? What dishes will accompany it?

My first thought would be to reduce the lamb stock and use as is (jus). Maybe adding some pepper & salt if needed.

With all your restrictions, maybe check Asian stock recipes . They are generally quite light and easy
Which veg are okay? Onions? Tomatoes? Mushrooms? No nuts, but what about seeds, like pumpkin or sunflower?
Hi taxlady, spring onions, green asparagus (we are in Australia, can't get white asparagus), cucumber, avocado (a fruit), spinach, kale, rocket, collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli, swiss chard/silverbeet, lettuce, watercress, endive/chicory, snow peas, water chestnuts, artichoke (very rarely), rarely cabbage, okra, chives, fennel. Less favourite are chinese green vegetables such as bok choy. No seeds, no onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, leek, cauliflower, root vegetables, beans, pulses, peas, zucchini or brussel sprouts.

If you wonder why a lot of seemingly ok vegetables are not ok - if you don't eat sugar they taste too sweet :).

Thank you for the welcome! Great handle, reminds me of taxation master in law - people who decide what part of their expenses a winning party in a law suit gets paid.

I would like to have a sauce with, say, lamb roast or lamb ribs, or to pour over baked or steamed vegetables or for white fish, maybe salmon. Clearly different sauces for these different purposes and it would be a big win if I have even one well-tasting sauce. I can do a reasonably good lamb curry and might use the non-meat part of the curry as a separate sauce for lamb roast etc - thank you Badjak, for the inspiration.

Since virtually no restaurant would work for us, we cook at home every day and have quite delicious meals but I am always looking for further recipes.
Sauce is pretty difficult to make without a carbohydrate to thicken it. You can cook it down to reduce it but it still will be pretty thin.
Are you on a ketogenic diet? Sounds like you might have gotten one of those tests from a naturopath that test for sensitivities. just curious. Welcome to DC. :)
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I used to have the butcher bone out my leg of lamb. Then I would simmer the bones and onion. Just like chicken stock. I would use the lamb stock to make gravy. Now I buy butterflied leg of lamb. So no bones. I just use chicken stock to make the lamb pan gravy.
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Thank you Aunt Bea and GotGarlic. That is a great idea and leaves lots of room for experimentation. pictonguy, it is not keto, it is what works for my body and happened over the last 20 years in stages. Thank you for your suggestions, msmofet. I might also try pouring jus in a pan, add spring onions (shallots) and spices (which ones?) and a thickener (methylcellulosis? xantham gum?).
Welcome to DC. I've used veggies in the Vitamix to make sauces. You can thin to your liking using the liquid from where they were cooked. Think of some soups that could be cooked down into a sauce.
Yeah, I was thinking pureed, cooked veg to thicken or make a sauce. There is one root veggie that I wonder if works with your body. It's celeriac. I don't think it's very high in carbs. It certainly is not sweet, but it is yummy. BTW, I cut the sugar out of recipes that are for savoury food.
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