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Nov 9, 2011
East Boston, MA
Many moons ago, Campbell's used to sell Scotch Broth. I loved it. Alas, You can't find it on the shelves here anymore.

Now I have made the standard lamb stew using different parts of lamb. I love turnips in it, but this is for the family and that is one veggie along with liver that will always be on their list of the biggest yukkie foods. So no turnips go into it.

I do not have leeks, but do have a couple of bunches of spring onions along with regular Spanish onions and fresh carrots. Plenty of celery. And of course the Pearl Barley. As far as I can see looking at different recipes for Scotch Broth, other than the leeks and turnips I am all set for Scotch Broth. Or am I?

So I thought I would reach across the pond and ask the folks who grew up with this magnificent stew. Any special recipes you favor, keeping in mind what I don't have? :angel:
Addie--I made Scotch Broth a few weeks ago. I had lamb bones from the lamb I had bought, so I made the stock first, and then made the Scotch Broth. I still have some in the freezer. I did use leeks and turnip (Swede), carrots, celery, and barley (I used whole barley that I soaked overnight in beer). The whole barley needs to be soaked or it takes forever. I roasted the carrots and turnip to add depth. I added the veggies about 20 minutes before the soup was "done," added the meat about 5 minutes before since it was already cooked and tender. I too love Scotch Broth. It is still sold in some parts of the country. My dad always has some in the pantry.
scotch broth is a soup or stew? and it has nothing to do with scotch?


Afraid not bt. the "Scotch" is in reference to the country of origin. Sorry to disappoint you. Go have yourself a shot of "Scotch", the drink, not the stew. Save the stew for me. Or does this news put you in a bit of a stew? :angel:
Scotch broth is made with mutton, not lamb.

Yes I know But it is hard to find in the city. If my son had become a shepherd like I wanted him to, I would be all set. So instead I will have to settle for lamb. He decided to go into medicine. Sometimes kids have a mind of their own. :angel:
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