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Dec 15, 2008
Just had a Sears home improvement telemarketer call. He wanted to sell me weather stripping and new windows. I told him I have double paned windows and I don't feel any drafts, I'll pass on the A/C to. But thank you though.

He cuts me off with one last question..

What do you see in your foreseeable future as your next home improvement?

Thought for a sec, told him, "Nothing that I can see.. Except maybe the bank foreclosing on my house. Now THAT would be an improvement!"

He started laughing thanked me for my time..

I should leave the Telemarketers alone..:ROFLMAO:


P.S The banks NOT foreclosing on my house.. Just kidding about that.
funny, i find most telemarketers have no sense of humor what so ever. i usually tell them i have to old for home improvements. i am trying to improve my body. they just keep talking. then i hang up.
I gave up and I tell them to come on over and give me a quote.:devilish:

I live in an apartment!:ROFLMAO:
My DH always interrupts sales callers and then asks: What are you wearing? Can you tell me in detail? Does it have a zipper or buttons?

They always hang up.
Telemarketers love people like me because I don't waste their time with their sales pitch. Over the years I've gotten to learn to simply hang up without saying a word. I know it's harsh but what can I say....
I don't waste time with them either. I just calmly hang up. That's probably what they prefer so they can go on to their next call.
My DH always interrupts sales callers and then asks: What are you wearing? Can you tell me in detail? Does it have a zipper or buttons?

They always hang up.

I ask them questions too, like what's the best brand of (fill in blank) or whether they ate breakfast that day. If I know their name I claim to have gone to high school with them.
If they call at dinner time, which is usually the case.. I put the phone down and walk away. I hear " Hello?... Hello??!!...HELLOOOO!!!??

Too funny! Figure it's not MY dime. Just dinner time :LOL:
What I do depends on my mood--I usually just say no thank you as I hang up the phone. I hate. HATE. hate telemarketers. I never buy anything on the phone, and I have ceased buying things (like insurance) if the company insists on calling me to sell me more stuff.
I am going to be the wet blanket here. Can we all please remember that these telemarketers are people too? They are someones daughter or son, father or mother, grandma or grandpa. yes a small percentage of them are jerks who are abusive on the phone, but most of them are just doing their job. They call during dinner because that is when people are home. If they did not call their boss would fire them. They do not enjoy interrupting your dinner any more than you enjoy having it interrupted. Lying to them, playing games with them, hanging up on them, etc is not the way to handle it. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. When they call and you realize it is a telemarketer tell them you do not like receiving these calls and please take me off your list. Having been on the other end of the phone as a telemarketer before, i can assure you these are regular people just trying to earn an honest living and the hell that some people put telemarketers through is shameful.
While I understand they are people so are spammers. Doesn't mean they deserve any respect. They know people don't want these calls but they some how rationalize that it is ok.

Sign up for the Do Not Call list. If you are on it report the telemarketers. The FCC may not investigate a single complaint, but numbers matter.

The ones that really irk me are the preemptive (machine) dials that say there is an issue with my credit card. They are trying to get you to buy credit insurance, but they are a third party.
They know people don't want these calls but they some how rationalize that it is ok.
The way they "rationalize" that it is OK is because more people what these calls than not. Do you think any of these telemarketing first would still be in business if nobody bought what they were selling?

Get mad at the company if you want, but the poor person who is on the other end of the phone is still a person and still deserves to be treated with respect.

Rule of thumb, if you would not do it to someones face or would not like it done to your daughter then don't do it to someone else.
I was a telemarketer for 1 day, back in 1974. After the first hour on the job I knew it wasn't for me. To some, it's just a part time job to supplement income, but to others that's all that's available to them and their only source of income and I respect them for that. And to a few, they love what they do, they're very good at it, and make careers out of them.
I'm on a/the No Call list...very few get through... The AG in Mississippi will prosecute when necessary... I usually send them packing pretty quickly!! Have to respect them to some degree...After all they are not sitting on their proverbial pork butts drawing unemployment for 3 years!!
i also am on the list. i get far to many anyway. really ticks me off to run for phone and find a recording trying to sell me something. i can't really understand how people will buy stuff .the invasion of my privacy turns me completely off. one last week, tried to pass them selves off as being from medicare. saying she would upgrade my diabetic testing equipment. just an insurance company trying to get me to change. grrrrrrrr
I got a call once, woke me up which is not a good way to start the day. Fella started his script and I told him I wasn't interested. His response? "You don't understand" and he started up again. I am not the most brilliant guy on the planet but I am not stupid. I hurt the fella's feelings.

I also hate when they will not identify the company they are calling from (which is illegal). Or I get a pre-emptive call on my mobile (which is illegal).

In the end the people doing the work may be people, but they work for scum. I have turned down jobs, including a great paying engineering job, because it was telemarketing.
I suppose it doesn't do any harm to be polite and GB makes a valid point. I had a tough time however keeping my cool this election season. Despite having my number on the no call list, it seems that some kinds of calls are exempt.

I was one of those who was accidentally called in the middle of the night by a robo calling company hired to get a candidate elected. They later called back (again a robo call) to apologize. :ermm:
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