Silicon pans make things taste . . . soapy?

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May 15, 2020
Prior Lake
I recently bought some silicon baking pans (silicon insert with metal frame, oven safe up to 500 degrees) as I'm tired of having things stick in my usual metal making pans (9x9 in and 9x5 in) as well as them getting scratched within 4 months. Maybe I need to treat them gentler, but I digress. So I bought a 9x9 and 9x5 in pan made of silicon to try them, and they work great, bake things great, and nothing ever ever sticks. The only thing is they seem to hold onto dish soap taste after they come out of the dishwasher. I've tried boiling them in water after they exit the dish washer, vinegar soak, lots of things, but the taste still remains and makes the edges of my food bitter and a bit soapy. As of yet I'm the only one who notices in my family, but I don't wanna present a soapy product! Should I use a less harsh dishwasher detergent or wash by hand or just clean them with boiling water? (I use tide dishwasher pods along with Aldi's cheap detergent). Should I try soaking them again? Should I abandon my silicon pans completely and just go back to good old metal? Does anyone have any tips/help/info? Aside from the slight taste, I think they're pretty great pans. Merry Christmas everyone!!
pictonguy, so you put yours in the dishwasher as well?

Don't understand why either of you would waste space, when a quick swish in soapy sink and a rinse would do it? Perhaps the heat of your drying cycle is burning in the soap smell. I've always been able to smell the soapy smell in the steam when I open a dishwasher.

BAP, perhaps your drying setting is too hot?
or perhaps pictonguy, you let them air dry?
Yeah, I wash by hand and actually don't put any pots, pans, molds etc in the dishwasher. At work, everything goes thorough the dishwasher and the system isn't actually classified as a dishwasher, it's classified as a sanitizer, with a 90 second cycle and where everything is basically scrubbed before it goes in.

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