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Jul 8, 2009
Too bad they have to give it up. :cry: Old school rules! My great uncle had a hardware when I was a kid. Spent many a hour there putting nuts,bolts in the pigeon holes there. He would pay me in nails for our tree house. :LOL: I just hate to see the old places like that go down. :cry:

Well we might live to see places like that resurge. The way Osama and Nancy is printing funny money the value of our dollar is going to be worthless. If we live through it prob emerge on the Gold Standard again. The Mom n Pop places will swing back into action. Or then we may be invited to take an injectible compooter chip in the right hand or forehead. They gonna start that with the military. Metal dog tags is not a real good identifier for them who has got blowed up. Already doing it to dumb animuls ya know?

Man ain't seen one like that in a coons age! We had that round here, I'd be shoppin there all the time!

Walmart made the statement here while back they was gonna take over. Beleive they just might get that done to. Real shame. I try an support local small business much as I can, but ain't much of it left. Sad world were livin in.

Thanks fer sharin that, I hope somebody buys it an keeps it goin.
Thanks much fellas :D

JB appreciate the positive words :D
Pigs I'm afraid some of the youngbloods won't even know these things they missed :roll:
bigwheel I Like your way of gettin' folks to think ;)
Hillbilly It appears WallyWorld's mission has been accomplished
in my part of the world. I'm still waitin' for their announcement of church service while you shop & cheap homeless camp spots on their acreage!
"Build it & they will come" like sheep to the slaughterhouse :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
DJ It's happenin' too often these days :(

bknox said:
Nothing smells quite like a hardware. That looks like it was a great one. Thanks for sharing. How about the gi-normous cat fish. Holly Crap.

You could fit a small head in it's mouth :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

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