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Captain Morgan

Chef Extraordinaire
Jan 18, 2005
Myrtle Beach
this thread used to be a big deal. The economy has hurt
a lot of teams, and it looks like there's only 12 teams this
year. However, 2 of the top 3 in the state will be there,
so it's gonna be a challenge.

The weather is gonna be perfect....overnight low of 62.
Wish you guys could be here.
ScottyDaQ said:
Way to go Luther !

AHA! after all these years, I finally caught you on a movie
The correct statement is "atta boy, Luther!"

dang I'm still's raining and I've got a lot left
to unload. I only lost to last years SC Team of the Year,
Potbelly cookers, who have been on fire. No shame there.

third place went to Fatbacks BBQ out of Fayetteville NC.

fourth was Mike's Catering, a real heavyweight on our circuit.
Great guy...I apologize for telling him that Jack dropped his
turn in box at the table and to try to get another one ready...
that man went to moving fast till I told him I was kidding.. :oops:

Now I fear his vengeance. :shock:

Fifth was my buddy Allan at Speedway BBQ...we're talking about
teaming up for Beach Boogie BBQ on Labor Day will be
our first KCBS.

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