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Captain Morgan

Chef Extraordinaire
Jan 18, 2005
Myrtle Beach
got about 13 pounds of chucks on now, waiting on a rainstorm
to hit.

Got these at 1.88 a lb, threw em in the freezer. Wanted to cook em yesterday but the dang things wouldn't thaw. So I got em on before
the storm hit anyway. Damn I love the smell of wood smoke this time of year.

Liberal coat of woos, then Lotta Bull rub...put a good dent in that bottle.

using hickory and white oak.

rain is holding up... neighbor had a good week hunting...3 wild pigs, 1 deer,
1 coyote.

We're gonna do a pig Tuesday, pics will come.
Well I aint no big fan of pulled chuck roast but considering the genre in question that looks purty good. That aint a bad price neither I dont guess. I usually start buying when they hit .99 but them days is fast fading into the rear view mirror seems like. Tom Thumb usually run em twice a year at that rate. Mostly the 7 bone version which when lovingly handled by a large bosomed mamacita with an indoors cook stove and cast iron made in china by Christian Slave Labor Dutch Oven..and sold by Academy Sports for a large set of pots and skillets in a januine wood box costing about 40 bucks or so...mostly come out purty good too.

Thanks bigwheel. I was beginning to think you might have taken ill or suffered some other calamity when the smoked chuck post had been up this long without your usual comments.
it's done! took longer than I thought. pics when I get home.

BW, I've never seen chucks at 99 cents a lb. I would surely stock
up if I did.
Jim, let me guess, it was warm out and you were afraid your meat would spoil and you couldn't get pics?
they're finally done!

with the help of the Weber Rain Guard, only 99.99 at Amazon..

cut off the fattiest parts (more than you think) and made the fake
burnt ends....shredded the rest and froze em up....not my best cook, but
good eats.


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