smoked boneless leg of lamb ....?

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Senior Cook
Feb 20, 2011
Juneau, Alaska
Hi everybody, just got back from Colorado and playing with horses and hanging out with my daughter, now I need to SMOKE something!
Anyone out there have some hints/tips/recipes for doing up a small, 4 lb, boned and rolled leg of lamb in the smoker? I usually just do indirect heat in my weber kettle with some extra wood thrown on for flavor. But, I want to try it in the smoker, lower and slower....... I'm thinking of a marinade or dry rub overnight, then smoking at 225 for about 30 minutes a lb. or until internal temp reaches 135/140 ( medium-rare )..... not sure which flavor of wood to go with yet. I'm doing a pan of my venison smoked beans along with it.... and YES, I will post pictures. (unless of course of totally screw things up ;)

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