Smokey Lew Takes Very Long Road Trip . . . in Space!

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Smokey Lew

Head Chef
Jan 10, 2010
Southern California - Riverside
Hey guys, don't miss your chance to get your avatar sent into space on one of the last two remaining shuttle flights. NASA is offering you the chance to be part of one of these missions. It's perfect for anyone who thinks their Q is out of this world. :LOL:

Here's my certificate. Just go to the website listed in the screen shot browser window, or click the link I've provided and sign up for a mission.

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I'm with you Lew!


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You Are Go For Launch!

Congratulations! NASA appreciates your interest in space flight. You have completed the steps to submit your face or name to fly in space on Space Shuttle Mission STS-134. Welcome aboard!

If you would like a printed certificate verifying your flight into space, return to this site after landing and print your Flight Certificate. Please print this page for your records.
Your Mission STS-134
Scheduled Launch Date November 2010
Your Confirmation Number STS134P000094894963
Date Certificate Ready for Printing November 2010

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