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Oct 17, 2004
The cake is burning. I have two cakes in the oven, and they both burning on the outside,the sides of the oven, but inside they are not anywhere close to be cooked. Something wrong with my stove, is there some temporary remedy I can use to finish baking, before calling repair man tommorow?
the temps are alrready down, I do not have gage. But I don't knoiw what gage whould do for me, bacause it is just not heating evenly.
Well, I finished it, I kept turning the cakes so they would not burn on one side. That was serioous pain in the neck. Called the repair man, have an appointment for tomorow.

Thank you.
What does gage have to do with food burning on the sides and not cooking in the midle?

The repair man ordered new spreder, whatever that is, see what happens one it is replaced. I'm starting to think about convection oven, I bet it would not be happening.
In the end i think it was my foult. I had two cakes on one shelf, so the air was not circulating. And thus burning the ends and not cooking the middle. Now I understand why the cooking sheets for home stoves are alway much smaller than the shelf in the stove. Next time I'll buy convection oven and then I will be able to cook more at the same time.
an oven that is too hot will burn the sides and leave the insides uncooked... I think that is what is meant by getting an accurate temp reading of your oven.
overcrowding causes problems, too (obviously)

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