Strawberry jam recipe?

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Jan 11, 2004
tampa bay area, FL
strawberry season will be here very soon for me and i am determined to make strawberry jam this year (never mind i have said that the past 5 seasons, i am really doing it this time!) could someone please share with me a simple recipe for strawberry jam? also, any tips/advice? is it relatively foolproof? i am really interested in strawberry, but other fruits would be nice as well. thanks!
hi daisy,
thanks for the recipe. what exactly is tartaric acid and where can i purchase it? also, does the jam need refridgeration, or can it just be stored in a dark pantry?

also, i am a bit worried about sealing my jars. i have heard the water-canner method is best, though i do not want to invest in something i won't use often, but i also hear there is an inversion method. the inversion method would be the easiest, but i wonder how effectively it seals the jars. any tips?
A natural crystalline compound found in plants, especially those with tart characteristics such as unripe grapes. The principal acid in wine, tartaric acid is the component that promotes graceful aging and crispness of flavor. One of the by-products of tartaric acid is CREAM OF TARTAR, which is used in baking and candy-making.

I don't know about your part of the world, but in Australia it's readily available from supermarket shelves, baking section.

As for canning, heck, I've never used a water-bath in my life for jams, pickles etc. I don't even use special jars. I just recycle jars of a suitable size, those with a twist-and-pop metal lid, or a plastic screw-on lid. I find if you spoon the boiling jam directly into the jars (with an all-metal knife standing in the jar so the glass doesn't shatter), filling the jar right to the brim, then immediately put on the lid, a perfect vacuum seal will be formed once the jam is cool. Some people like to turn the jar over while the jam is cooling, and claim it makes a better seal, I've never found it necessary. I reckon if you have to use special jar-opening gadgets, insert a knife under the lid to break the seal, or get a very strong man to open the jar for you, the seal is good enough! I store my jams etc in a pantry cupboard where it's comparatively cool and dark, or in the fridge as space permits (I live in a very hot climate). Store in the fridge once opened, as you normally would. Shelf-life is measured in years. The only products I make which I keep refrigerated after putting in jars this way, are such things as Lemon Curd, which have a refrigerated shelf-life of only about 1 month (because of their egg content).

Information I've had from various other forums, books etc has revealed that water-bathing of jams and similar products is a uniquely American thing. It's up to you whether you want to do it or not. It's not difficult, and it's certainly not necessary, whatever scare-mongers might tell you!
ok, thanks daisy.
i will look for the tartaric acid at the supermarket; if they don't carry it, i'm sure they can order it. thanks for your help!
well, i just made strawberry jam for the first time. it was really very easy; the hardest part is having to wait 24 hours to see if my lids sealed and then sampling the finished product. i'll let you all know what happens!
the jam turned out really well. a bit on the sweet side, but i was afraid if i decreased the amount of sugar, i would not get a good "set". i used the inversion method (turning the jars upside down for 5 minutes immediately after filling, then right side up) and all 8 jars did seal properly. next on my list to try is applesauce!
It is Strawberry season here in Canada, and I would just like to thank Daisy for making something that is very simple sound just as it is...Simple.

I cant figure why I was so worried. And if it doesn't turn out, I have lots of base for shakes and ice cream toppers.

Thanks again. :D

Also thank you 2dogsmom for the sweet comment, I like mine a little more tart. (I'm already very sweet)
Hello, everybody. I made strawberry jam with a similar recipe, using that special sugar that is supposed to help it set better and lemon juice. But my jam is still runny. It's delicious and I suppose there can be a certain pleasure in having to lick your fingers (and your hand, and your entire arm up to the elbow) but I'd still like to know what I did wrong.:ermm:
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