Stuffed Peppers on the UDS (pic)

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Last weekend I tried stuffed peppers on the UDS and they were great.


Here is the recipe.

Re: Stuffed Peppers on the UDS

PatioDaddio said:
Next time I might even try using chopped BBQ brisket and barbecue sauce instead of ground beef and tomato sauce.
Ya know, that sounds like a winner!

(I'll vote for Head Country Hot right now. :D )
Thanks Daddyo. That looks like a keeper. Got it copied. Now if you ever get in the expurmental mode try halving the peppas lengthwise..pack em full of Holmes Smokehoue brand Boudan and wrap a strip of bacon around em. Cook peppa side down till the bacon gets done. Use the thin sliced cheap stuff. It takes the thick stuff too long to cook. Also wear em out with Tony Casheries Cajun seasoning. Those peppas are so bland they need a kick in the booty.

Thanks, that sounds like a killer idea. I'd also thought of something similar using pablanos, pulled pork or chorizo, sour cream, pepper jack, and salsa.

Tried those on the WSM. Ruined my Wife's "good " pan. Came out real good.
Looked great! What did you cook them in?
Puff - I'm glad to hear that you were happy with them. I used a large disposable aluminum foil pizza pan.

I wish you the best in getting out of the dog house.

John :D
Whew. Glad the boy got straightened out on this. Thought I was gonna have to send him a Sams Card along with a hand drawn map to the disposable pans ailse. You can tell he aint from Texas huh? Now if yall will do the lengthwise split deal you won't need no steenken pans..just lay em on the grates. You also will have twice as many units with about the right amount of Bell Peppa to meat ratio..or at least mo betta. Most folks just eat out the inside and throw the peppa away. Now that is a waste of food and they are mighty proud of the peppas when you go to buy some. Best deal in town is the .99 Cent store. They usually got 3 or 4 for .99 usually in various colors whereas Kroger hit you for near 3 bucks for one red one and two for the green ones.

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