Sunday Special-Monopoly

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Dec 20, 2005
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Sunday Special-Monopoly

1. Fill in the blank;
The four railroads in monopoly, in order, are the _______, _______, _______, and
2. B&O stands for........what ?
3. One of the properties is misspelled compared to it's actual namesake; which one ?
4. One of the board's properties is not in Atlantic City; actually, it's a community just
outside it; which one ?
5. Fill in the blank;
"Community Chest" was an actual ______ in 1930's Atlantic City
6. You can end up in jail three ways; what are they ?
7. What's the penalty for landing on the luxury tax space ?
8. The prize for winning the World Monopoly championships is a Monopoly Set
with ____ _____ inside.
9. The short, bald, mustachioed man who is the long time mascot of the game was known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, but he is now known by another name. What is it?
10. If, according to a Community Chest card, you have won a Beauty Contest, how much
is your prize ?
11. What year was the game first marketed ?
12. How many squares are there on a Monopoly board ?
13. fill in the blank;
Including railroads and utilities, there are ___properties on a Monopoly board.
14. Incidentally, what do you need to own to have a "Monopoly" ?
15. If you own three railroads, how much does another player pay you for "riding" on one of them ?
16.True or false; Official rules state that you must go completely around the board before you may begin purchasing properties..
17. True or False; Official rules state that you still collect rents on your properties while
in jail.
18. Fill in the blank;
There are exactly ___ houses and ___ hotels, and when they're gone, they're gone.
19. Statistically, what's the most visited color on the board ?
20. True or False; Monopoly is manufactured by Hasbro.
1. Reading, Pennsylvania, B&O, and Short Line.
2. Baltimore and Ohio.
3. "Marvin Gardens" is misspelled. It's "Marven Gardens"
4. Marvin Gardens
5. Charity Organization
6. roll doubles three times in a row, pull a "Go to Jail" card, or land on the Jail space
7. $75
8. real money
9. Mr. Monopoly
10. $10
11. in 1934
12. 40
13. 28
14. all of the properties in a given color set
15. $100
16. False
17. True
18. 32-12
19. the orange section
20. True

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