Sunday Special -Potpourri A to T

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Dec 20, 2005
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Sunday Special -Potpourri A to T

First answer begins with A; second with B, etc......

1. Active chemical ingredient of the pain-killer Tylenol......
2. Collectibles first introduced in 1993, the original nine included Brownie the Bear, Chocolate the Moose, Flash the Dolphin, Legs the Frog, and Squealer the Pig...
3. Memorable train of Engineer John Luther "Casey" Jones....
4. What the "D" stands for in "D-Day"
5. What the Word "Karate" translates to in English...
6. Puppet featured on The Howdy Doody Show, made up of the parts of eight different animals...
Head of a Duck, Ears of a Cocker Spaniel, Neck of a Giraffe, Body of a Dachshund, Flippers of a Seal, etc.
7. Name of the trophy awarded annually to the Champion Team of the Canadian Football League...
8. Catchphrase used by Jackie Gleason to acknowledge applause...
9. Rock Band whose original members were;
Garry Beers, Andy, Tim, and Jon Farriss, Michael Hutchence, and Kirk Pengilly...
(Hint; Their band name is a great example of an "Initialism", commonly used on Automobile "Vanity" plates...)
10. What they call fire in the song, "They Call the Wind Mariah"...
11. the Moonshine cooked up by Lonesome Polecat and Hairless Joe in the Lil' Abner comic strip...
12. Name of the first TV remote-control unit, introduced in 1950 by Zenith...
13. Nickname given to Mike Stivick by Father-in-Law Archie Bunker on All In the Family...
14. Organization for which the following, among others, served as Commissioners ;
Maurice Podoloff, Walter Kennedy, Larry O'Brian
15. Last name of the Priest, portrayed in an Oscar-Winning performance by Spencer Tracy in the 1944 film, Going My Way...
16. Medical term for the Kneecap....
17. Advertising nickname for Bounty Paper Towels...
18. Real first name of country singer Hank Williams, Jr.
19. Units of Measure for the "Hot" in hot peppers...
20. Elbridge Bryant, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, and Paul Williams, known collectively as the ..........what ?

1. Acetaminophen
2. Beanie Babies
3. Cannonball Express
4. "Day"
5. "Empty Hand"
6. Flub-a-Dub
7. Grey Cup
8. "How Sweet It Is !!"
10. Joe
11. Kickapoo Joy Juice
12. "Lazy Bones"
13. "Meathead"
14. NBA
15. O'Malley
16. Patella
17. "Quicker Picker-Upper"
18. Randall
19. Scoville Units
20. Temptations
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