Sunday Special - the Tony's ( ..and Anthony's)

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Dec 20, 2005
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Sunday Special - the Tony's ( ..and Anthony's)

1. Veteran sitcom star of 'Who's The Boss' and 'Taxi'...
2. This Grammy winning crooner left his heart in San Francisco...
3. 2 - Time Academy Award Winner for Lust for Life and Viva Zapata!
4. Hall of Fame MLB player who played his entire 20-year career for the San
Diego Padres...
5. Renowned Motivational and Inspirational speaker; author of 'Unleash The
Power Within'...
6. Usually played a geeky character in 80's movies, particularly those
directed by John Hughes...
7. His character's penchant for fava beans with a nice Chianti won him a
Best Actor Oscar...
8. This 'Desperate Husband' is also a top NBA point guard...
9. American chef, author, and TV personality;often needs 'No Reservations'
for a restaurant table ...
10. The U.K. Prime Minister 1997-2007...
11. First African-American head coach to win the Super Bow ...l
12. 'Say Hello to my Little Friend' was this character's famous line...
13. Born Bernard Schwartz, he starred in The Defiant Ones and The Boston Strangler...
14.Professional Skateboarder, the first one ever to land a 900 ...
15. British actor best known for the role of C-3PO in all six Star Wars
films ...

16. Fox news contributor and White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush;
passed away in 2008 ...
17. American NASCAR racing driver and owner ...
18. Enthusiastic cartoon pitchman for Frosted Flakes ...
19. Some thought his dating Jessica Simpson distracted him from playing QB
for the Dallas Cowboys ...
20. Emmy winner for his role as Adrian Monk on the TV series Monk...
21. Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, appointed by President
Ronald Reagan in 1988 ...
22. Played a mentally unstable innkeeper with unhealthy mother issues in
a 1960 classic film ...
23. Lead Singer and Founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers ...
24. Started out as a vengeful nerd later became a popular TV doctor ...
25. On the TV Series 'The Odd Couple', he played the neat one ...
1. Tony Danza
2. Tony Bennett
3. Anthony Quinn
4. Tony Gwynn
5. Tony Robbins
6. Anthony Michael Hall
7. Anthony Hopkins
8. Tony Parker
9. Anthony Bourdain
10. Tony Blair
11. Tony Dungy
12. Tony Montana
13. Tony Curtis
14. Tony Hawk
15. Anthony Daniels
16. Tony Snow
17. Tony Stewart
18. Tony the Tiger
19.Tony Romo
20.Tony Shalhoub
21.Anthony Kennedy
22.Anthony Perkins
23.Anthony Kiedis
24.Anthony Edwards
25.Tony Randall

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