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May 5, 2015
Hi, has anyone any suggestions for quick low calorie dinners, as I'm running out of idea's ...my hubby often comes in late, he always seems to be trying to lose weight, but doesn't like salads and getting bored with stir fry's. He loves curry, garlic & red wine as I do....but my curries seem to pile on the pounds, he also loves sweet food to finish off with.
Don't think he's much chance of losing his weight for the summer.....
Hi Daffers. Welcome to DC. I see you're in England and I'm in California, so I don't know how much you grill outdoors. Our favorite tasty low calorie meals are often grilled. A lean piece of protein and a grill basket full of marinated grilled vegetable like this is a favorite. The marinated grilled pineapple would satisfy his sweet tooth.
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[snip] he always seems to be trying to lose weight, but doesn't like salads and getting bored with stir fry's. He loves curry, garlic & red wine as I do....but my curries seem to pile on the pounds, he also loves sweet food to finish off with.
Don't think he's much chance of losing his weight for the summer.....

"Always trying" :(

Can't do the same old same old and expect different results.

Phase in different foods, ingredients, and preparation methods. It eases in the painful truth of eating what doesn't make your ass grow. ;)

Once you lose the "bad" aspects of meal preparation you'll find that it's rather tasty. :yum:

Bet your curries are fine once you really take a look at what's involved in them and tweek them a bit. :)
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Cook on the weekends and plan things that can be heated up quickly. Boneless chicken thighs can be cooked many different ways. Salmon and other fish can be cooked quickly (12-15 minutes, depending on thickness). In place of salads, roast some fresh asparagus or green beans as a side. There is no rule that says you can't have more than one veggie with a main. How about a wilted "spinach" salad? What is it about salads he doesn't like? I don't like iceberg lettuce...but love salads. Just had a big one tonight--spring mix greens, radishes, tomato, yellow pepper, hard cooked egg, grated cabbage, peanuts, a small amount of grated romano cheese, dressed with EVOO and Blueberry balsamic vinegar, S&P, some lemon zest. Instead of a sweet, fresh fruit helps some people curb that need for sugar...I find pineapple satisfies any craving for sugar I might have.
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I don’t know if the American Heart Association Low Fat Low Cholesterol Cookbook is available in the U.K., but it has a lot of recipes that might fit your bill.

I don’t buy cookbooks very often, but I first picked this up at the local library. It has enough interesting recipes that I decided to buy it. I don’t always make them quite as healthy as specified in the book, as some just wouldn’t be tasty enough. Sometimes I’ll search for a recipe on line and then make some modifications to the cookbook recipe. Still comes out on the healthier end of the spectrum.
Kayelle, that looks fabulous. How do I get to your house?

I have a low-fat, and yummy recipe that he might like. I will recommend sides also.

Chief's Smoldering Chicken
The technique given is for use with a kettle-style charcoal grill, but can easily be adapted to any covered grill or barbecue, gas, wood, or charcoal, and can be broiled in the oven too. Enjoy.

1/3 cup Sriracha brand Hot Sauce
2 tbs. Tabasco Pepper Sauce
1 tbs. good soy sauce
1/2 cup water

8 to 10 chicken thighs, with the skin removed

Mix the marinade ingredients together. Pour into a 1 gallon freezer bag & add the chicken pieces. Move everything around inside the bag until the chicken is well coated. Press the air from the bag, seal it, and place it in the refrigerator for two hours. Make your side dishes during this marinating time.

Fire up the grill with a solid bed of charcoal and let it go until the coals are glowing. Place the chicken on the grill, leaving space between the pieces. Cover and close all vents half way. Cook for 7 minutes. Remove the lid and turn over. Cover and cook for 7 additional minutes. Test with an instant read meat thermometer. Remove the chicken when the temperature reads 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Serve with a tossed salad of leafy lettuce, shaved carrot, chopped tomato, with broken walnuts and a good, raspberry vinaigrette.

Recipe 2. There are few few foods that are healthier than chili. Here's one of my recipes for some good, red.

The Chief's Chili for a crowd

Chili-Head Chili 2013 – Medium-Hot
This is a great chili Recipe, full of flavor, with almost no chili fire.

This chili is possible the best chili I've ever made. This isn't "screaming, blow your taste buds off" chili. But it’s hot enough to make the teardrops dance in the corner of your eyes. Best of all, it’s just mild enough to let you taste all of many flavor layers packed into this scrumptious chili. Enjoy.

1 4-oz can chipotle peppers, minced
2 Poblano Peppers
2 Anaheim Chilies
2 orange bell peppers
2 green bell peppers
1/4 cup chili powder
3 tbs. ground cumin
3 tbs. ground coriander
3 tbs. smoked paprika
2 15 oz. cans pinto beans
2 15 oz. cans black beans
2 15 oz. cans kidney beans
1 number 10 can pinto beans
4 yellow onions, chopped
1/2 gallon quartered, canned tomatoes
3 lbs. coarse grind beef
2 lbs. Italian sausage, removed from the casing.

Combine the meats and spices spices. Brown in a very large pan (this is going to make 3 gallons of chili), over medium-high heat. While the meat is browning, chop all of the peppers. Add the peppers and onions to the meat and cook for 10 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients. Bring to a boil, stirring every few minutes to prevent scorching the chili. Turn heat to simmer and let cook for thirty minutes. Add water to thin to desired consistency.

As with my hot chili, Texans would still argue that this isn't real chili. All I can say is that it's as good as the hot chili, but as the title suggests, more for ordinary mortals. You don't need Superman's tongue to eat this one. The only warning I give with this recipe; make lots, 'cause everyone is gonna want more, and what isn’t eaten can be frozen.

If you want, I can give you my Dragon-Fire Chili recipe. When I make it, it's where the dragons come to get their fire.:ohmy:

Seeeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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