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Pigs On The Wing BBQ

Master Chef
Apr 29, 2005
Akron New York
Teams moving in, not allot of action as of yet. It won't get crazy till later this afternoon, early twilight. I'll take lots of pics, and video. Stay tuned. I can't cook this year as Val is a KCBS rep. and has to tally the scores on the computer.

I know what I want for Christmas!
No wittdog to be found. I stayed home today as I did not want to be near the place as Val is tallying scores on the computer It's on Sunday! Going to cook with Roger and Hank with 6 BGE's. I kind of talked them into it. :LOL: They have never done it, and why let those BGE's go to waste. Pics to come.

It was such an awesome weekend, did not get any pics was 2 busy with Adrienne from Smokin In The Igloo and the boys from Simcoe County Smokers as well as Q n Canucks.

No Wittdog, spoke with him earlier last week and they were busy this weekend.

Tired is all I say, and looking forward to next year, we have plans in the works already.
Goober said:
Well that looks like a very handsome couple.

Ya got it all wrong Big Goob.

Even though it was great to see Mr Pigs at the oink, he was having a little trouble in the standin' and walkin' department and we were just helpin' him out. :LOL:
Pigs do you remember seeing me Friday night, I think NOT,
Man you blew the weekend, And we missed seeing you,
O well, maybe next year
Yea, I think so. Fell off the wagon and got mixed up with the knob creek. Not something I'm proud of. Larry had the blender cranked up, that sure as hell didn't help any. Some one hands you a super charged Solo cup of booze, I tend to take it and say thanks. I sat on a lot straw bales. Val was not happy with me at all! Not eating didn't help.

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