Thinking of finally getting a Weber. Is this a good one?

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Feb 16, 2020
For the last 10 years, I have had a couple of Char Broil grills. The first one lasted about 5 years before some rust set in and was falling apart. I have an infrared one now with the trough below the grates and it was nice at first but I keep having to replace that trough and for some reason I can never get those grates fully clean. I have been on the fence about getting another gas grill or a pellet smoker, but most of the time I just quickly cook burgers, steaks chicken, or salmon. I do occasionally make ribs or a whole chicken and would love to have a smoker for that and maybe start doing more meats, but I do the burgers and steaks the most so I don't know how well a smoker only would be for that. Maybe I would need two grills eventually.
Anyways, I was thinking maybe this summer to get a Weber Genesis with the 3 burners plus the sear station with the enclosed box just because I think it looks nicer to store tools and stuff under it than the open and I thought the sear burner might be nice. I wouldn't want the stainless because I think they are harder to keep looking nice so the black ones I believe are around $900 (I want the natural gas). Anyways, I just was looking around and noticed one store has what I believe is the Genesis II E-310 (It says Weber Genesis II 66010001) with the open bottom, 3 burners only, porcelain coated iron grates, folding side table and it says the regular price is $699 but it is selling for $400 for some reason. They also list one that says E-310 (Model 6600000) which is also $400 and says the regular prices is $799 but I can't tell the difference. These are on the website so maybe I will stop by the store. I wasn't really wanting to get one now, and maybe that was not the exact one I was thinking of for later, but for more than half the price, I think I can live without the closed cabinet and the sear burner (and the side burner which I never use anyways). Are the porcelain coated iron grates better than stainless? Are they easy to clean and last long? What do you guys think? Is this a good idea?

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