Thursday, August 3rd. 2023 - National Watermelon Day!

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Dec 6, 2009
Mid-Atlantic, USA
We had pork chops, refrigerator pickles, fried green tomatoes and I had collard greens whereas the non-collard green fan ate salad. For dessert, watermelon! What did you have tonight?

20230803_173752 (1).jpg
I made lo mein according to a video. I probably should have used about half as much spaghetti. It was quite good. I intend to work on tweaking it.

It has eggs, vegis, already cooked chicken breast, and spaghetti.

And again, it's the shaky pictures that I have taken with my tablet. The camera on the phone was misbehaving.

chicken lo mein with eggs and veg.jpg
Lo Mein chicken with eggs.jpg

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