Thursday Night Cheatza!

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Sous Chef
Nov 28, 2003
Another recent cook. Work has been hectic and I haven't had a chance to grill anything since last weekend. I think I'm having withdrawals.

What do you cook when you are worn out, the wife is out of town and you have to feed a daughter? Well, it's Thursday night(not that THAT's even relevent). I know! Luckly, today I picked a loaf of French bread and we have the fixins(except for the meatballs my son ate)for pizza. Yea, that's the ticket, French bread pizza. I'll call it Cheatza!!
I'm waiting for the keg to come up to temp. Should be good?!

Not fancy but, it sure was really good!



Loves them French bread pizzers..about as well as the one where it takes all day to let the dough rise and you have to throw it up in the air etc. Now I'm sure you put some pickled japs and anchovies on there. They prob just out of camera range. Good job!!
Thanks guys! For being quick easy and delicious as well as variety, these are fantastic!!
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