Thursday Night Football Dinner Thread ~ 12/15/2022

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Aug 2, 2014
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It's 49'ers v Seahawks and we can't watch - oh well - we can have a nice dinner.
DH said that he had an appetite and requested "something good".

Cooked medium Rib Eye Steak, AF frozen Fries and a Chopped Salad, for him - with again - Anchovy Fillets.
My plate was mid-rare, frites and Romaine with Cucumber topped with Ranch Dressing, which I dunked both my Fries AND steak into :yum:

What's on your TV tray?
I made a batch of Navy bean soup today, using up some bacon and a piece of Polish sausage in the freezer, plus almost 2 c of that brown rice/barley, left in the fridge, from another dish. I started with the diced bacon, then added the onions after it was almost browned, and cooked about 5 minutes. Then added a tb each of minced garlic and rosemary, and 2 tb of gochujang, and cooked about a minute, before deglazing with 5 c chicken broth. Then I added a cup of Navy beans, and a generous half cup of those dried long beans, from the garden, then I added 2 fresh bay leaves. I pressure cooked them 25 minutes, then let pressure release 18 minutes, before opening. Then I added the polish sausage, quartered, and cut into half inch pieces, and the rice and barley mix. I then cooked it on slow cooker/high for about an hour.
Bean soup, with some Navy beans and dried long beans, plus some cooked rice and barley mixed in. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
Tonight for supper I made Tuscan Onion Soup (Carabaccia). It was recommended by my friend. It was good. It was maybe a bit sweeter than I prefer. I might make it with yellow onions next time or add a splash of vinegar. There was a layer of Parmigiano Regiano on top of the soup and one egg per serving, cooked floating on the cheese. We'll definitely have that again.


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I had one night of leftovers, but we don't launch for Ohio until Saturday. Himself ran out for a large "house special" pizza. We ate half tonight. The other four slices are wrapped and ready to go. They'll be our supper Saturday night once we get to our hotel.

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