Tillamook Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Review...

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Nov 8, 2004

I do not do many ice cream reviews here but a local grocery store had this new-ish brand name at a special sale price so I am finally trying this brand out.

Regular price for this Ice Cream on a non sale price can be over 6 bucks.

Cookies & Cream is a standard flavor from many companies so I am reviewing this one first.

This one does the flavor with French Vanilla Ice cream as a base which I think is a total first for Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.

This is not a bad ice cream flavor here. It really does look like cookies & creme here. It has solid cookies & creme taste here.

The one big problem here is I was looking for some big cookie chunks here and in my few servings so far they have not shown up at all.

I will give this item a medium sized thumbs up due to the lack of big cookie chunks.
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