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Mar 3, 2008
Hi all

I have an allergy to tomatos, it won't kill me, but it's not very pleasant. When a recipe calls for tomatos I usually use red peppers, but when it calls for tomato paste or tomato juice, I'm unsure what to use.

Any ideas?
It really depends on the specific recipe you are talking about. Sometimes you can leave it out, other times you can substitute something, and other times you will just need to make something else.

Let us know specific recipes and we will be able to make suggestions for you.
When I think of what tomatoes add to the dish, other than color, sweetness and acidity come to mind.
I would substitute any kind of broth, a little lemon juice and a pinch of sugar for the tomato juice.
Tomato paste is usually used as a thickener. You could use a flour slurry or corn starch to do the same thing, again, with a shot of lemon juice and a pinch of sugar.
You could also try some chutneys instead of tomato paste, add a little lemon juice too. Tomato juice, if you have a juicer you could make vegetable juice out of mixed veggies. It would do the same thing.
Hi JFK, welcome aboard.

What I would probably do is find cuisines that do not use tomatoes and see if I like them.

Tomatoes come from the New World, the Americas. Most Asian cooking does not incorporate them (although there was a lot of, for example, French influence in Asian cuisine and they do incorporate tomatoes at times.)

Good grief, Indian cuisine is fantastic. Nary a tomato there. Ok rarely.

Traditional German, Hungarian, Eastern European cuisine is not laden with tomatoes.

Many Mexican and Central and South American dishes are devoid of the love apple.

Were I scratched with an allergy to a product would probably search for dishes that dis not incorporate it.

There are so many dishes that do not incorporate tomatoes.

Don't let a little allergy stop you from cooking.

Good luck.
For the sauce you could use pesto or sweet roasted red peppers in oil w garlic & seasonings (herbs of choice). Perhaps you could pulverize the latter for juice. Hope that helps. Welcome to DC. :chef:
I agree with GB ... it totally depends on the recipe. What might work in one situation might be a total flop, and worse than leaving it out, in another.
Interesting!! All tomatoes bother you, or can you handle the yellow, orange and other low acid types? They are possibly one of my favorite foods, but I admit to suffering a slight flushing when I eat them. My husband is convinced it's the tomatoes. I am in denial and hoping it's something else, like air or water.
These are all very good suggestions, but if the recipe calls for tomato slices for a sandwich or as a salad add on, What low starch veggie works on a sandwich?

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