Tony's boudin & seafood balls

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Dec 29, 2006
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You can buy em here or make you self

The recipe tonys uses is Boudin cut in about 1in. pieces dipped in egg wash then rolled in Itailian bread crumbs & fried.

With gumbo:


Now I'm mad.. I ran out last night at work... I'm going to make some from scratch one of these days.... ;)
Well been thinking along the same lines. Dont make a lick of sense to stuff it in guts if you gonna fry it in ball form..fact is first I ever heard of it was in the movie you posted. Just make it loose pack and make your own balls. Yep that should work. Believe I would just follow a good Dirty Rice recipe using chicken livers. I have jumped to the conclusion that dirty rice and boudan is the same critter..cept real boudan uses pork liver..which I aint seen none in 30 years and it prob tastes like chicken anyway. Ate a bunch of it when I was a small town Texas oilfield po white trash kid but now I forgot how it different from calf liver. Maybe milder and not as prone to get bitter. Might chill it good and throw an egg or two in there to make it stick together mo betta. You could make it in a Food Processor real easy. Heres a recipe from my old pal Emeril to get you sarted. ... index.html


surfinsapo said:
Now I'm mad.. I ran out last night at work... I'm going to make some from scratch one of these days.... ;)
Ahh man it aint gonna take much to make me cross the Sabine. All I need is two guns. One in the boot and one in the over hauls. That should work:)
Also does good in Tennesee from whut I heard. I'm looking for either Jole Blon or the other good looking lady who works at her Grandpas bait shoppe wearing her flip flops. I think her name is Joleene and she only works in the summer.


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