Top Sirloin Roast (picts)

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Tri Tip

Head Chef
Jan 30, 2010
Costa Mesa CA
This is my wife’s favorite. Top sirloin went on sale a few months ago at our local Albertsons for $1.89 lb so I picked up about $60 worth and vacusealed it.
These guys that consistently kick our asses in comps sell a rub, infact there team is called the rub company. They placed 5th (we placed 12th damnit) last week and the team they sponsor placed 1st. I purchased all there award winning rubs and figured I’d give em a try. Great stuff but pricy! ... ampionship

Fancy Artistic Shot!!! :LOL:

One more fancy artistic shot! I call it "evening mist".

Ahhhhh Spring in So Cal Ivy blooming.

Vermin999 said:
Great looking meal. I wondered about the Rub Co's stuff. I guess I need to try some.

Yep them dudes live right here in Cypress.
It's made in Garden Grove. Way cool folks too.
And a salad just isn't a salad without the Bob's Blue Cheese Dressing. My Favorite. Glad to see them re-opening and popping up again around my neck of the woods. They've been missed.
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