Torres Selecta Potato Chips Iberian Ham Review!!!

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Nov 8, 2004

This time I was at a mom and pop cheese shop and picked up this bag of potato chips.

The 1.76oz bag was 3 bucks.

The company is located in Spain.

The potato chips had a nice light crunch.

The back of the bag listed the ingredients in multiple languages which includes English and a sticker in English.

On the bag they say this product includes Iberian Ham Flavoring(2.66%). The sticker label though says it includes Iberian Ham Aroma(2.66%)

Is it flavor or is it aroma!?!? I just did not care though as they fully nailed a potato chip.

They really did get the ham flavor down.

A big thumbs up from me for sure and if you ever find a bag pick it up.

Sometime in 2023 since I have not been keeping any close count of items I have reviewed I have reviewed over 2000+ plus items since 2007.

That includes over 1250 items in the snack food part of grocery stores.
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Hot diggity damn, kleenex... are you gonna quite your day job? You should be paid!

Joking aside, your reviews are quite enjoyable and believable in your opinions on these products.

Kudos to you! Appreciate you posting them here!

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