Tri Tip and Top Sirloin Santa Maria History Vid.

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Tri Tip

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Jan 30, 2010
Costa Mesa CA
If you’re bored and have 15 minutes to spare check out this vid. It's pretty cool. Some good 411 on Santa Maria BBQ as well as Top Sirloin and Tri Tip History. :P

Yep those ones at costco are pretty good. Made by Santa Maria Grill Outfitters. Man,,, grilling over an Oak fire gives you food flavor like no other. I can buy into the gas vs charcoal and the subtle differances but no way with this style.
I still like Billy and his 'stache :)

Helen_Paradise said:
I still like Billy and his 'stache :)


Yep meee too. Watched that one 20 times. My friend's wife's family is from up that way. They know him. I'm trying to weezel a chance to cook with him. But that's going to be a long sales cycle. :LOL:
That is one heck of a 'stache ... suppose he twirls a little SBR's in there to keep it stiff :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I have seen that video before too and it makes me hungry every time, he makes it look so easy.
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