Trivia 3/22

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trivia 3/22
On March 1, 1966, the Soviet craft Venera III crashed onto the surface of Venus, thus becoming the first Space probe to impact another planet.

1. Fill in the Blank...
President Ronald Reagan appeared as a witness at the trial of his National Security Advisor, ________________ .
2. What are the only living members of the mammalian family Proboscidea ?
3. Name the woman who was elected Governor of Texas in 1990 ...
4. The Brenner Pass connects Austria and what other country ?
5. Name the gas that is the chief constituent of natural gas.....
6. What's the term to describe a mixture of 2 or more metals ?
7. By its formula, you could call what common substance oxygen hydride ?
8. "Murder in the Rose Garden" is the 7th in a series of mystery novels featuring what historical female as a sleuth ?
"Pharology" is the Science of lighthouse construction.
1. John Poindexter
2. Elephants
3. Anne Richards
4. Italy
5. Methane
6. Alloy
7. water
8. Eleanor Roosevelt
Pharology is named after Pharos, the famed lighthouse at Alexandria, which is one of the seven "Wonders" of the ancient world.
With a height variously estimated at between 380 and 440 ft, It may have been the world's tallest building in its time.
Built in the 3rd century BC (between 285 and 247 BC), an earthquake in 1303 severely damaged the building, and another in 1323 brought it down.
Divers discovered remains of the lighthouse in Autumn 1994, on the floor of Alexandria's Eastern Harbor.

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