Trivia 7/14

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Trivia 7/14
The pentagon estimates about 8,000 US troops were victims of Friendly Fire during the Vietnam conflict.............

1. What is it called when one tectonic plate is forced under another?
2. What is the literal English translation of the Latin saying "tempus fugit"?
a. - Time flies
b. - Time Flows
c. - Time Flees
d. - Time Out
3. The first lava lamp was created in 1965 in what country?
a. - USA
b. - Great Britain
c. - France
d. - Germany
4. Which Canadian province borders Lake Michigan?
5. Which of the following Disney heroines would fit appropriately with the description "leucomelanous"?
a. - Aurora
b. - Tiana
c. - Snow White
d. - Ariel
6. June 2008, a group of scuba divers became stranded on the remote Indonesian island of Rinca for two days and a night, during which time they had to fend off attacks by which animal, known as the largest of its kind in the world?
a. - A Komodo dragon
b. - Goliath Spider
c. - A saltwater crocodile
d. - Robber Crab
7. The CPAP machine is used to treat which medical condition?
8. According to the Theory Of Relativity, what makes a black hole black?

Eggshells can be a useful slug prevention aid in your garden.
1. Subduction
2. - c
3. - b
4. Ontario
5. - c
6. - a
7. Sleep Apnea
8. Gravity

Crushed up eggshells placed around the roots of seedlings are an excellent way of deterring slugs from munching into their tender leaves. The sharp edges of the shell act like a barbed wire fence on the soft bellies of slugs and they avoid them. Eggshells also have the extra benefit of adding a calcium boost to your soil.
From a player ;

"Ontario doesn't touch Lake Michigan, although it does border all of the other 4 Great Lakes. "

I stand Corrected !

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