Turkey Breast w/ Sherry Citrus Glaze

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Smokey Lew

Head Chef
Jan 10, 2010
Southern California - Riverside
Our local supermarket had half turkey breasts on sale so I decided that Sunday was Turkey Day.

Soaked the breast for six hours in Kosmo's Chicken Soak then rinsed and dried the breast before rubbing it down with Wolfe's citrus rub. Put the breast on indirect side of grill with some cherry wood for smoke. The kettle temperature ran between 400 and 425 degrees for about an hour until it was done. Basted the breast with Susie Q's Sherry Citrus Rib Glaze about 20 minutes before it reached it's final temp of 170.

The turkey came out great with a nice flavor from the cherry wood and the glaze. The glaze has red current jelly, sherry wine, lemon and orange juice concentrate among other things in it so I figured it would go good with the flavor profile of Wolfe's citrus rub. I think I was right.

Breast on the grill after a good soak and plenty of Wolfe's citrus rub.

Breast has been glazed and it's ready for a rest before carving.

Plated shot with some Stove Top Turkey Stuffing and asparagus on the side. Picture focus is a little soft. My hand-me-down camera doesn't do so well in natural light.

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That looks great Lew. WRC is one of our favorites for poultry and It's also great on pork, try it some spares sometime...simply awesome.
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