Walleye mislabeling in MN...

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Sep 1, 2004
Minnesota consumes more walleyes than any other state. The walleye is the state fish. Anyway, a local news organization went to several prominent restaurants and ordered walleye. The didn't eat it all - took some in a doggy bag and had it DNA tested. Turns out a substantial number of these restaurants were putting zander, not walleye, on the plates because it is two dollars a pound cheaper. Well, it really hit the fan - the public was totally outraged - particularly considering the prices these places charged. There are red-faced chefs and restaurants that have had their reputations irreperably tarnished. It is even anticipated that the state will get into the foray with some punitive measures. Guess it goes to show that you may be paying top dollar at a restaurant and not getting what you ordered.
One of the few times I went to Red Lobster, I ordered a 'red snapper' dish; it was obviously cod or haddock; the manager wouldn't back down, said it was snapper, but did give me a free meal!
marmalady, i just had the opposite experience. i went to a fish market to get haddock, and the guy behind the counter tried to sell me red snapper, then monkfish. i ended up with cod. lol.
LOL, Bucky - which did you pay for? There's quite a price variance in those types of fish! I hope you gave him a little education!

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