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Jan 19, 2017
Went to Mo Betah's for a Hawaiian lunch plate. I went with the Pulehu chicken.


Tonight was repeat for me. I liked that chicken Stroganoff I made yesterday enough that I wanted it again for supper tonight. I still have enough for another meal. Tonight I had it with a salad of romaine lettuce, mustard greens, shaved red onion, tomato with no seeds, feta cheese, and some of my batch vinaigrette. I didn't bother a with a carb tonight. I really enjoyed that.

chicken stroganoff and a salad.jpg
I had a craving for Indian food, so I made a version of Chana Masala, using green chickpeas, and some of that Swiss chard I harvested a while ago. Unbelievable how well that stuff keeps! I started soaking 1½ c green chickpeas about 10 am (these and the black ones take a long time to soak and cook) in 6 c water, and a little baking soda. It soaked 9 hours, before I drained, rinsed, and started cooking it.

Meanwhile, I soaked some dried tomatoes (a 28 oz can was a little too much), and cut up 5 garlic scapes (first ones of the season!), and a couple of "onion scapes" (not traditional, but why not use them?), and with the water and tomatoes I blended them to a very thick purée. I started in the Instant Pot with about 2 tb oil, and a large chopped up onion on Sauté/high, and cooked until the onion began to brown, then I added the purée, along with about 3½ tb chole masala (the last of the jar - need to make more!), and a tsp of garam masala, and stirred for about 90 seconds, then added 4 c of water (used to rinse out the Vitamix). I added the drained chickpeas, another cup of water, and in a teaball I put 2 black cardamoms, 2 Indian bay leaves, a 1½" piece of Sri Lankan cinnamon, broken up, and ½ tb loose black tea. I set this to Manual/30 minutes, and let the pressure release naturally (more to come).

Meanwhile, I took a scant cup of bulgur (another bottom of the jar, I have to refill), and filled the pyrex cup to line two with hot water, and let it sit, while waiting for the cooking chickpeas. It swelled up to over 2 c, with more, when it cooked.

When the pressure released naturally, I removed the teaball, and discarded the spices. I stirred the bulgur into the pot, along with 1/4 c red lentils, to thicken it a little (still very watery), which did it just right, with the bulgur. I pressure cooked this 9 min, letting it release naturally, and while this was cooking, I cut up a bunch of Swiss chard - over 4 c leaves, and about a cup of sliced up stems. I stirred this into the IP, and let it simmer, while preparing the tarka. I left the whole hot peppers out this time, since I'll be sharing this with someone who can't take that heat. The tarka was just a couple tsp of oil, heated up in a small pan, with a tsp each of black mustard seed and cumin, until the seeds have popped, then I added 20 curry leaves and 1/2 tsp asafoetida, and when the crackling dies down it was dumped into the IP, for the "tempering" of the dish - not traditional, but I do this with a lot of dishes, and it adds good flavor, even w/o the heat.

I didn't eat much, since I made it so late, and just tore up a couple of sprigs of cilantro in the bowl - the rest will go in tomorrow. And I'll take a jar of those cumin pickled green beans over, too - something I know they liked before.
5 scapes and some rehydrated dried tomatoes, puréed. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Chopped up Swiss chard, about 4 cups, plus about a cup of cut up stalks. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Almost finished chana masala, made with some black chick peas, bulgur, and Swiss chard. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Ingredients for the tarka - a tsp each of cumin and mustard seed, about 20 curry leaves, and some asafoetida. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

The tarka, just before stirring it into the chana masala. by pepperhead212, on Flickr

Finished dish, before adding some chopped cilantro. by pepperhead212, on Flickr
JFC (Jade Fried Chicken) and chips, Chestnut Gravy 🫠


I make a batch of seasoning, usually using rice or tapioca flour and my “eleven secret herbs and spices” and MrJade and I jokingly call it JFC. There’s actually nowhere near 11 herbs or spices. And it’s not really all that close to the Colonel recipe, but it’s far healthier and still delicious!
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