What are you eating Thursday, April 11, 2024?

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Feb 20, 2011
Tovala meals. Coffee and cumin crusted chicken breasts. Cheese tortellini with a cheesy, creamy, fire roasted corn, red bell, red onion, cilantro sauce. I made a tiny batch of pico de gallo for color and to add some freshness.

I had "Québec style pea soup" from a can. It was okay. It didn't really do justice to French Canadian pea soup. It was about as good as I expected from a company in Saskatchewan. I have had some of their lentil soup and that was much better, so I wanted to give it a try. I guess it was pretty good for a vegan version of this soup. It usually gets quite a bit of flavour from being cooked with, I guess ham bones. The ingredients on the Habitant version are much simpler, but include lard. I'll probably have a snack later.
Dinner on Thursday was eggs benedict (I used back bacon).
It looks yummy.

I thought back bacon was what people usually used to make eggs Benedict, as opposed to stripey bacon. Is there actually much difference between American "Canadian bacon" and back bacon?
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