what are you giving out for Halloween?

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Aug 24, 2004
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i have to give out candy cause the parents are going to be at a conference out of state, so it's just kit-kats and stuff like that so far. but i think i'm gonna make little goody bags. my neighbor did that one year and the kids loved them.
a glow-stick, a pack of bubble gum, McD's gift certificates, and one of those ACT II pre-packaged popcorn balls would go in each, i think.
then, for the girls, i think i'll offer a choice of a mini bottle of lotion from bath andbody works, a bonne belle lipsmackers lip balm, or crayons.
for the boys, a choice of crayons, a mini legos playset (you know, the ones they put by the candy bars in the check-out aisle, or a matchbox car.
if it's a baby, the parents can help themselves. half that Halloween candy goes to waste so i thought something different would be a nice change.
and we don't get an excessive amount of trick-or-treaters, so it would be pretty affordable as long as Mom and Dad are willing to cough up some cash.

But how are you decorating?

My wife bought "Mr Bones", a 7'-0" length of skeleton in plastic, loosely wired together, dressed him with a bandanna, black Bermuda shorts, a red blouse(all far too small!) and equipped him with his "Pirate's Sword" and spread him out in a seated position on the covered swing on the front patio...

Apparantly, the mailman and newspaper types "survivied" the encounter...hopefully, people understand that I am only six feet and perhaps a bit bigger boned and robust than "Mr Bones"...

Four lines of lanterns, lighting our walkways, and I don't doubt a couple jackolanterns...this from a woman who says "Less is more"...given the neighborhood, she might be right, given the husband, she's put the round through the target ring....

But again, your feedback...
Darkstream said:
Robust advice on where to find the United States of America.

i'm confused. but i intend to stay that way. politics are too sensitive an issue to be discussing on a Halloweeen candy thread or most any board for that matter, and i am abandoning this thread right now. i was speaking of what kind of candy will be in your Halloween bowl, not politics, and i'm quite certain you know that.
this was meant to be a light-hearted thread.
woot sour skittles, milky way, m&ms and probably 2 dollars for UNICEF, but no trick or treating for me nemore lol.
We live on a cul-de-sac development containing 34 homes in a rural area; the next grouping of homes is more than a mile away.

When it turns dark on Halloween, all the local kids converge at the start of the street. There, some of the men folk load them into pickups adorned with straw, and take them up the street where they charge each house to trick or treat.

It becomes hectic for ten minutes or so, but then each house is done.

The procession winds up at the end of the street where there is a party for the children.

All very safe and the kids love it.

We spend a fair amount of time cutting pumpkins, lighting up the cow skull, and making the house look appropriately festive and just a teeny bit spooky.

We dole out lots of candy, each kid gets a handful or two, but just the usual stuff we buy at the store.

When we were kids, people would give out home made cookies and other treats, but today, unfortunately, parents need to go through their children's bags and get rid of anything they cannot be sure has not been adulterated.

Sadly, that is the way the world has become.

Anyway the children where we live get all the cookies and other treats they can handle at the party, and have bags full of candy to enjoy later.

Things here in the country are a bit different than they were when we grew up in the city, but the folks here make it a great Halloween for the kids.
We are doing Trunk-or-Treat at our church. I don't know what i'm going to hand out yet. Probably a mixture of candy & toys(the kind kids get at parties as favors).
I've got Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, Pixy Stix, Kit Kats, Milky Ways & Reeses. (My kids help choose the candy)
My husband takes them out each year, and I wait on the steps for the kids. I love seeing the little ones walk up, tripping over costumes :)
I can't stand the mob of adults, with one little sleeping infant in the stroller, all with candy bags. Puh-leez! It happens every year.
Last year we really decorated a lot, since it's son #1's birthday, and he was having a sleepover. This year, we've got a happy bat flag & a couple of pumpkins outside.
nothing, not because I am a nasty adult, but I live in a gated over 55 community and they cannot get in, and I don't imagine any of my fellow residents dress up and go banging on doors. But the last time I did have TTers I gave out nickles or pencils or stickers. I always hated it when my daughter brought home a years supply of candy.
Give the little suckers something healthy so they live long enough to pay my social security when I'm ready to start collecting! :LOL:
I will dress up like one of the presidental candidates.... and scare the heck out of em! I shall to proceed to tax their candy in their bags, by taking a few pieces..... melting them down in a mold of Saddam, and then eating it! :roll: :LOL:
hmmm, DS, I thought you would be giving out "deadly sushi" for halloween. By the way, has Alton Brown certified your kitchen?
PS: Lookin' good, jkath!

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