What have you had for lunch lately?

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I used to make something a lot like that, but with basil from my garden instead of parsley (gotta' use what grows ten feet from the kitchen). I need to do that again... soon. Thanks for the inspiration.

You're welcome @caseydog ,I usually use my fresh basil, but this year, my parsley has miraculously appeared after having sowed the seeds 4/5 times last year😅, so I couldn't resist trying it, the aroma is fantastic, what a difference to store bought parsley. 😃
No. I've tried some of their stuff - Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, pepperoncini slices.

The jalapeño stuffed olives are good. Hot, but not overbearing. They also have garlic stuffed green olives, and they are awful, IMO.

Had a salad with Ken's blue dressing. May have some fried leftover pasta.

Went to the deli we've been going to years for lunch. Going to have to seriously think about continuing to go there for lunch at least, maybe breakfast. It was over $50 for lunch with tax and their 4% convenience fee, plus tip. So, over $60 for lunch in a neighborhood deli. A turkey and bacon club for Craig and a 9 oz corned beef on an onion bagel for me and 2 drinks. The 2 sodas were $8 total, my sandwich was $23 ($5 more than last time) and Craig's was $18, not sure how much his went up. The sandwiches are pretty big, and we'll get a dinner snack out of them, but geez. Over the years, they've gone from high $20s to mid $30s, to low mid $40s for the last 6 months or so, and now another price increase. I didn't look at the breakfast prices to see how much they've gone up.
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