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Had another air dried steak. Should have used the cast iron pan but didn't... that'll teach me. Was bordering on well done. But the mushrooms and onion were positively delicious!

I don't think I have ever heard anyone say anything good about cooking steaks in an air fryer.

No, you mis-understood casey. It's not a typo... I don't have an air fryer. By air-dried I meant I left the steak several days, uncovered, on a rack to age (in the fridge). I've done it several times, very successfully.
I cooked the steak in a non-stick pan that I had done the onions and mushrooms in. I was just too lazy to fetch the cast iron pan. It sizzled beautifully but was just plain not hot enough.
Pan-fried cod fillets (in EVOO) , with steamed potatoes and string beans.
I added a few pieces of garlic and EVOO to the veggies, let them rest for a while and then removed the garlic. We're not keen on munching garlic, just the flavour will do. I always use garlic this way to flavour food, big enough so I can remove it easily. 😀


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Since it's Mother's day today, my parents came round for lunch. I cooked tagliatelle "al ragù" (bolonaise), then steak and salad as a second course, Barbera Red wine, and finished with delicious pastries from the best bakery in town.


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I made a pasta salad earlier this week with shells, mayo, tofu as the protein, diced celery, carrots, and onions. Didn't have peas to add, or I would have thrown some in. Had the last of it for lunch today.
For Mothers day today we went out to a local Pub for Mimosas & breakfast nachos. Waffle fries topped with cheese, cottage bacon, & 2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & topped with diced tomatoes and green onions.


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Leftovers today: ham, quinoa and peas. The ham I had made a Julia Child recipe with, basically was ham simmered in a wine-cream sauce. I don't usually buy it, but received free from a family member, so made the most of it.

Do eat some meat, but am trying to reduce my intake of red meat due to colonoscopy results last year.
Mr bliss had some oral surgery today, so I'm inventing soft food. His favorite is ww spaghetti w/tomato mushroom sauce, so I'm making couscous with tomato sauce (using powdered spices herbs and mushrooms). I mashed chickpeas to go on the side, for added satiety. I made some vanilla pudding w/almond milk for 2 blueberry vanilla cups and 2 vanilla mini chocolate chip cups. The mini chocolate chips melt quickly in the mouth.
Made a salad from scratch today, one of the benefits of working from home. Had spring mix, cukes, bell pepper, blueberries, sliced olives, feta, and dressing.
I drove south to decorate family graves for Memorial Day. In going, I took my friend's 11 year old daughter to Conley's, which is a Mom and Pop place, to pick up food for the bi-yearly picnic in the cemetery. She was fairly dazzled by the offerings and got a grilled bologna sandwich. I got the footlong chili dog with mustard and onions. We shared an order of fried pickles.

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