What is your favorite "mayo?"

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What is your favorite "mayo?"

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OMG!!! Otter this is a crime against Southerner's!!!! Dukes mayo wasn't mentioned!!! :LOL: Oh well, I'll get over it, that's why I voted for other. If you ever come to SC, be sure to pick up a jar. It's the best!!
Sorry crewsk! I don't live in the south, and they don't sell Duke's here. I never tasted it.
Depends on what it's for. My own is best, but I only make it for certain things, not as an everyday condiment.

For everyday use it's MIRACLE WHIP all the way, baby!

When we were little, mom bought something called "Spin Blend," :shock: which we thought was pretty tasty, too.
Hellmans is my favorite, but I buy Kraft Mayo if it is on special. I use Miracle Whip for some things. I keep mayo and MW on hand at all times.
Crews, I'm sorry, lol - I guess I'm just a transplanted Southerner! Hellman's is what I grew up with, but I do buy Duke's down here.
That's ok marmalady! I'll eat Hellman's if Duke's isin't around although it's not my first choice. I guess it's the fact that I was raised on Duke's

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