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Apr 7, 2008
I split alot of wood and have never seen anything like this.......These are a BIG piece of rotten cottonwood. Inside everywhere were perfectly dead flys either stuffed 1 to a compartment or 4 together(maybe a coincidence but...). They still looked alive but they were all dead....There were also beatles in the tree with larvas too. How the H*** do the flys get brought in? The beatles dot catch em' ......Anyone? weird weird



PS.. I HATE FLYS. Cold will be here soon...bye fly!
ScottyDaQ said:
Maggots that grew up maybe?

I dont think so? maybe.. I dont know? :? :? :?

Its not like there were ant trails or any ants inside the tree where i could see how they were brought in. weird.

JB.....Im saving them for a Haloween garnish. :LOL: :shock:
Sounds like space aliens to me. Adjusting the tinfoil hat and forwarding this off to Art Bell as we speak. Remember..loose lips sink ships. Always wear the hat when playing coompooter. They can intercept your brain waves if you aint got the hat.

bknox said:
Looks like Powder Post Beetles or maybe a Wood Bore by the borrow but they certainly look like flies to me. Very strange.

Those are flys for sure. Ill have to google Powder Post beatles....There were also (maroon/orange in color) beatle larve in there and Im sure a beatle or 2 that might be inside still. :?

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