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Sep 30, 2004
We live in the country and have many fruit trees...Right now my tangerine tree has quite a few fruits on it..I've been picking as the kids want them and also sending some home with them. This morning I look out the front window because the dog is having a fit and what do I see? Two boys picking the fruit, and then either trowing it in the road ar stomping on it to squash it..You know had they come to the door I'd have given them each a bag of them..When I told them to stop the language that greeted me was rather rude... I know their parents and am trying to decide if I should call them or just forget it..I love kids,but had they been my grand kids their ears would still be ringing..I'm angry but is it worth it to say anything?
I'd call the parents. JMHO kadesma, but I believe we send a message with every action we take or avoid taking. Those boys won't learn anything if you don't call their parents. They might STILL not learn anything from their parents, but at least they will know that YOU care enough to insist upon proper behaviour.

It takes a village. Call the parents.
Yes....They need to learn not to be destructive and rude.

Their parents are the ones to teach those lessons, and if they don't know what happened, they can't do their job.
Thanks, I've decided to call..Let's hope the parents aren't as rude as the kids.
I'd call. Growing up all my neighbors knew each other and I knew that if I did ANYTHING wrong it would get back to my parents and I would be punished.
What was the parents reaction ?
One was kind and promised it would NOT happen again. The son will be down tomorrow to apologize and clean up the mess. The other was just what I expected, sonny would never do such a thing and I was being an old ***** so sonny best not come around, I won't bother him just ignore him and when it comes time for buy this for baseball or whatever..it will go to a child who behaves.
I think you did the right thing. You got two different reactions that told you a great deal about the parents of the two kids.

You probably won't have any more problems with the first kid. The jury's still out on the other.

I've had to deal with similar denials from parents who are blind to their kid's true personality and they are not helping their kids by their actions.
How sad that none of us are surprised by the response you got. Good for you kadesma, at least SOMEONE is pointing out the error in the kids ways. Nice lesson those parents are teaching THAT kid. I think hitting them in the pocketbook is a better solution anyway. Atta girl!
DH and I both love kids and when ever one comes to the door or our grand kids have fund raisers at school they know we will give and give...This one boy has come here several times and we've bought things for his school. I will decide next time how I want to handle him. I just might buy form him and tell him I expect better behavior or I just might tell him he has lost his chance with me til I get an I'm sorry. We will see.
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