What's for diinner this THANKS GIVING 2004 ? :-)

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Leaf Storm

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Oct 30, 2004
What's for dinner? Could it be... turkey? lol :D

As for me, I'll be making cumberland sausages served with honey/mustard mashed taters and onion gravey :)

How about you lot? TURKEY TURKEY TURKEY!????? :D
I so wanted to say SPAM here...LOL!

If I can find the bird in the fridge (I know it's in there somewhere!), it's turkey and trimmings here.
LOL Audeo :LOL:

We of course are having turkey. My wife, in laws, brother in law, brother and some family friends are going to my parents house. Mom is buying a cooked turkey and some of the sides from a turkey farm around the corner. Everything is already cooked and delicious. She will also make a million other things too. And of course everyone will bring a few things. I am bringing a recipe I got from one of our members here, Chopstix. It is the Baked Asparagus with Parmesan. I just finished making it and MAN does it smell amazing. I also made a recipe that I am not sure where I got it, but it could have been here. It is called Root Vegetable Mash. It calls for sweet potatoes and celery root, but I wasnt sure if those two things would work well together and my mom sounded skeptical. Not everyone who is coming tonight is very adventurous with food so I decided to make it with russet potatoes instead of sweet. I made that last night and almost ate the whole pot myself, they were so good. I will try them with sweet potatoes for my wife and me sometime :)
mashed potatoes
green bean casserole
sweet potatoes
apple pie

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