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May 30, 2021
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Did a second cutting of the greenhouse basil. I plant thickly and cut the tallest stems, at the peak. Roasted a couple heads of garlic (trick– slice off the root end, roast at 275° for about 25 minutes, and squeeze the cloves out without having to peel them, which I hate). Got good parmesan and EV oilve oil.


Time to rock!

It's so much easier with an immersion blender— works just as well as the food processor with less waste and less cleanup. I buzz the basil and the oil first, then add cheese and nuts: pecans rather than pine nuts, which are expensive and often mislabelled crap from China with a stale taste.


Amazing how a full container of basil leaves chops down to a bit more than a cup. Once the main stuff is reduced, I add kosher salt, fresh-ground black pepper, and balsamic vinegar. Taste, and adjust if necessary.

I scrape it into plastic tubs and pop it in the freezer before the oil separates. Saved the short batch for tonight's meal.


I've also made pesto with cilantro and rocket (arugula). But basil is my favorite.
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Pan seared skirt steak and creamy succotash (cream style corn, Lima beans, pat of butter and dash of sugar).

I tried out a recipe I found on the internet, because it looked reasonable and good. I was looking for a stir fry sauce for some chicken and vegis. I didn't realize that one could velvet chicken so easily. Just coat the chicken pieces in corn starch and sauté the chicken first. It worked a treat. Then I added the vegis, which were from a frozen Asian style stir fry mix and sautéed for a couple of minutes. Finally, I added the sauce and stirred for about a minute. I served it with brown basmati rice. Another time I will change the ratio of chicken to vegis. There could definitely have been more vegis. Another time I will probably also add more seasonings to the sauce.

Chicken and vegi stir fry on brown rice.jpg
We had loaded salads and leftovers. I had the leftover chicken toksu while Himself finished the last of the beef and gravy over the end of my homemade bread.
I had leftover roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, watermelon cubes, and 2 Special Dark mini chocolate bars.

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