What's the best dish you've ever invented?

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Aug 19, 2004
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for me, it's my dry rub grilled pork chops, topped with pickled peppers. i call 'em bucky's dirty chops. (will post recipe if anyone's interested). it's really a carribbean/italian fusion dish, but i like to take credit. so, what dish(es) have you come up with that people seem to like? no, not looking for stuff that only you and your dog will eat, and not always the dog...
This should turn out to be a good read....I will reserve the right to post until I have read a few posts. I don't want to give away family secrets too fast.
I didn't measure anything when I made this, so just go by taste.

kielbasa, cut into chunks
carrots, cut into chunks
onion, cut into chunks
potatoes, cut into chunks
cabbage, cut into chunks
beef broth
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste
paprika, to taste
2-3 cloves garlic minced
Cook veggies in beef broth with garlic, salt, pepper, & paprika until fork tender, add kielbasa. Cook until kielbasa is hot. Serve over rice.

This was a great meal because the power was out & I was able to cook it on top of a kerosene heater. The house smelled great!
My own version of a smoked ham. I call it smoked drunken ham. Everyone who tastes it loves it. It is my own little secret.
I have invented my share of recipes but my family loves these.

Italian Bread Crumb Omelet

Italian Bread Crumbs
3 eggs
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Beat eggs with fork till a bit frothy
add 1/3 cup milk and mix
slowly add enough bread crumbs to form a badder with the consistancy of mashed potatoes or a little thicker...add more milk if you have to.
Heat a 8-10 inch nonstick skillet on medium heat
add olive oil
fry til lightly brown and firm on one side then flip using a large spatula
cook till firm and a little brown around the edge.
Serve with butter.
hmmmm i do invent a lot of the dishes i eat every day no dish is the same. I would haveta say beef tenderloin:

1 beef tenderloin
1 cup of white wine or more depending on the beef
1 dash of dried oregeno maybe more
1 tablespoon of sugar
extra virgin olive oil* for cooking it in the pan
2/3 cup of water mixed in with corn starch
salt and fresh ground black pepper
1 pinch of parsely about 4 springs - fresh and chopped finely

so we begin:

heat up the extra virgin olive oil* in a pan add in beef tenderloin cook on both sides for about from 8-12 seconds or more until both sides aren't red throw in the corn starch water until it disappears along with the some of the oil. Add in the white wine with 1/2 tablespoon of sugar and some oregeno (add oregeno on the meat on both sides) stir around the meat cover the pan with a lid for about less than 15 seconds. add more white wine and olive oil* keep cooking until it is halfway of the desired doneness add salt and pepper and the remaining sugar stir around. when its about doen add in more oregeno and all the parsely and your done
Portabella Pasta Primavera

This is always a big hit for company:

In a large heavy skillet put in two or three tablspoons of Safflower or Olive oil.

Add and saute until starting to brown but not burn
1/2 Bell pepper cut into strips (red or green)
1 small onion sliced
1 small carrott peeled and sliced
1/2 zuchinni, sliced
1 small summer squash
3 oz portabella mushroon, sliced

Add and saute just a minute more (these are more or less to taste)
l lg or 2 sm garlic cloves, minced or crushed
Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
Pinch of Seasalt
Pinch of Oregano
Pinch or Basil
Cracked Pepper to taste

Add and simmer for about ten minutes till reduced a bit
5 Fresh Tomatoes, blanch & remove skin and corsely chop
2 oz Tomato Paste (1/3 of small can)
Generous splash of a nice dark wine

On a serving platter toss with enough pasta for four and top with freshly grated Parmasian Cheese, and garnish with artichoke hearts.

I prefer using rotini or lined penne, the sauce clings to it

This is great after a bowl of Pasta Figioli, if you would like my recipe let me know, it is better than OG's.


I wanna know about seafoam salad too! Pleeeeeeeease?

BangBang: WOW!!!does that sound wonderful! I'm not an egg lover, but try to eat them in front of the kids to be a good influence. But with this recipe, I'll be having seconds! thank you so much!
The best ones are the ones that you just throw together..not measuring anything.. spur of the moment.

I made a great potato soup today. I just made it for me, and I didn't measure anything. I know what seasonings I like/don't like. I cooked a couple potatoes in water, until fork-tender.... draining and reserving about 1/2 the water. I let them cool a bit so I could handle them to cut them into chunks. I set aside about half the chunked potatoes with reserved water. Back in the sauce pan I added milk, alittle at a time.. then dug out my stick blender.. I pureed until smooth and creamy. The reserved potatoes and water went back in the pan.. I simmered for about 10-15 min.. if it was too thick .. I just added alittle more water. To give it more pizazz, I add the leftover chicken, green pepper, and onion (grilled) from last night's salad that I didn't use.. seasonings were fresh chopped basil, garlic powder, and alittle fresh grated black pepper. It was yummy!!

For not measuring anything, just going by taste, it turned out great!!
Potatoe Chip Salad

One cup Onion Chip Dip
Bag of Potatoe Chips

Crush potatoe chips and mix with Dip. Eat with fork. Yummy :!:
That's one I didn't try, but I bet it's good.

When I put it in tuna casserole, my son said it was the best I ever made.

I also used it in a hash brown potato dish.
bangbang, that sounds good. i wonder if it will work with fat free onion dip and baked tater chips? << sigh>>, i hate trying to eat healthy...
buckytom said:
bangbang, that sounds good. i wonder if it will work with fat free onion dip and baked tater chips? << sigh>>, i hate trying to eat healthy...

I don't see why not. I like to use the Kettle Style. Its crunchier.

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