What's your all purpose seasoning salt?

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I have some mixes that I put together. I forget to use them most of the time. If I am also looking for an umami boost, it is usually the vegan "chicken broth" powder that I use. If I am only looking for the salt and umami boost, it's usually Asian fish sauce.

I just remembered - my mixes aren't actually seasoning salts. I don't put salt in them. I prefer to add the salt separately, so I have more control. That also means that I have room for more fish sauce, which is quite salty.
Never saw the need for a seasoned salt. If your asking for various spice mixes, well then yes, I have lots and I make them myself. :)
Once in a while, I want to make a recipe that calls for a seasoned salt. I always look up a copy cat version and mix it up a very small batch. Even if I like the blend, it probably won't get used for anything but that particular recipe. I just don't think in terms of seasoning salts when I cook.

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