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Mar 9, 2004
NW Chicago Burbs'
Homer Simpson once said "Alcohol! The Cause and Solution to All of Lifes Problems". :LOL: Its the most popular way for people to relax around the world. Wine. Beer. Liquor. Schnapps. Spirits.
Twist of lime; on the rocks; straight up; shaken, not stirred; blended; sprig of mint; stalk of celery; garnish with a orange wedge; pour it in a stein; just the bottle, thanks...; no salt on the rim.
Whether you are on the porch in your favorite rocking chair, or in a dance club with 8 of your friends...

What are some of your VERY favorite drinks?
When & where you enjoy it the most?
Have the recipe?
What is the most trouble you have gotten into because of alcohol?

Pull up a chair! What'll ya have? :D
I have pretty basic tastes - no elaborate concoctions involving an entire fruit basket, just good quality stuff simply prepared, such as:
when out on the town - Sapphire and tonic, easy on the tonic, extra lime

when chilling with friends - Hefeweizen, with lemon, of course. Or any good beer, especially decent microbrews.

when throwing a party - Mojitos!!! (Already been discussed, at length, elsewhere, but they're really the perfect hot summer day libation)
-- non-drinking friends get non-alcoholic mojitos: mash mint, turbinado sugar and fresh lime wedges together; fill glass with ice and good ginger ale. Can be refilled with just ginger ale a couple times before making another from the beginning.

and a nice, fairly dry, spicy merlot with most any dinner.

Those are my poisons!
I'm not much of a drinker (I always said I am backwards because I'm half Swedish and don't like coffee and half German and don't like beer), but I really liked the last couple drinks I had. One was a Mai Tai and the other (don't know if it has a name, but it is just 2 ingredients) was Melon Liqueur and sweet and sour mix. I'm sure you guys will laugh and say these are girlie drinks, but like I told my husband, I'm a girlie! lol

:) Barbara
Personally, I can't understand why people like to drink. I mean, I love the feeling of being drunk, which is why I sometimes drink hard liquor to get to that glorious point. But to enjoy DRINKING in of itself?! YUCK! Alchohol is just foul. I have to force every drop down my throat. It amazes me that it's so popular.
Interesting. People can have such different tastes. I simply cannot imagine drinking for the feel of being drunk. Pleasantly tipsy, once in a while, perhaps, but I feel if you're going to bother, drink something you enjoy drinking. Then again, my first "drink" ever was a very good German beer. If all I'd ever had was Bud-light or something, I might have a different viewpoint.
Well, personally, I enjoy the taste of GOOD booze. :D Grey Goose vodka with tonic and lime. Gentleman Jack on the rocks (it has a very nice flavor the demands my attention). A nice red wine. A royal kir (champainge and raspberry liquor). A tropical drink with banana & pineapple schanps. A purple drink that I cant type the name of (its dirty!) has the perfect balance of sweet & sour. A chocolate martini with Godiva liquor. Guiness with its wonderful taste and weight. German beers are the best in my opinion... though I cant remeber the names. :D There is a German restraunt & pub. Every sip of that dark beer is a treat.

Im not into getting drunk. A nice buzz is the best. A state of relaxation is what I aim for. Where worries slip away and you just enjoy the company that youre with. Of course I enjoy the company Im with, without alcohol, but it enhances their jokes. :LOL: My old manager had a button that said "Im not drinking to make ME more interesting, Im drinking to make YOU more intersting". That always made me chukle.

We all know there are folks that use alcohol far too much and for the wrong reasons. Alcohol can be VERY destructive. In marriages. In friendships. It could, has and does lead to problems at work for some people. It can lead to a DUI/DWI or much much worse. I can attest to that. I have gotten a DUI after having 5 beers at a local pub. It coast me about $10,000 and a loss of driving privlages for 3 months. And it is on my record.... forever!! There are some states considering giving special license plates that say you were a DUI offender!!! :shock:

I will have to stick with what Homer Simpson said. And drinking responsibly is paramount. Its like lighting a grill to close to your house. Its not smart! But if you light the grill and you use your common sense.... you will end up with some great cooked steaks.
I'll have my steak with some Guiness please. :D ;)
Thanks ironchef. :)

DS, what you said about some people abusing it, etc. was right on the mark. One of the main reasons I have chosen not to drink much is that there has been so much alcoholism in my family. I figure, why bother really trying to acquire a taste for something that has been so devastating to my family.

:) Barbara
Alcohol has been around far longer than when our ancestors even thought about walking upright. Alcohol goes so far back that we have genes that specifically deal with it. I understand my friends here that do not drink and I applaude those who are fighting alcoholism. Myself, I'd like a gin and tonic heavy, with a twist of lime. :twisted:
Barbara, not to mention how stupid one gets when drunk. I've seen some pretty mean drunks in my time. A social drink now and then is fine, I enjoy a Lava Flow (virgin) from time to time (a real girlie drink). My DH likes his Bud or Corola/lime.......Linaka
Here's the recipe:

1 oz light rum
1 oz coconut cream
1 oz Malibu rum
2 oz slightly blended strawberries
1 banana
2 oz pineapple juice
Blend banana,coconut cream and pinapple juice in blender and set aside. In bottom of a hurricane glass, stir together both rums and strawberries. Pour banana/coconut/pinapple mix slowly into glass. The strawberry/rum mix should creep up the glass (hence lava flow).
That sounds awesome. I do not drink much these days, did that earlier lol. But, if I am in a bar which is rare, I like to stump the bartender by asking for a Pousse-Cafe. This is a layered drink, like up to 7-8 layers but can be done with 3 or so layers. Here are some recipes:
I like the traditional Pousse Cafe the best and it is the trickiest to make:
ounce Grenadine
ounce Yellow Chartreuse
ounce Créme de Cassis
ounce White Creme de Cacao
ounce Green Chartreuse
ounce Brandy
Layer in a pousse cafe glass or a pony glass. All layers must remain separate. Here is a pic of a correctly layered Pousse Cafe, not sure which kind but has lots of nice layers:

PS - Don't drink alot of these, while very tasty the one above contains like 3-6 OZ of alcohol (depends on the ingredients) and is presented in a fairly small glass so be careful and get a driver lol.
Beautiful! Looks like layered jello or should I say HAPPY jello ;) Marge, I'm pluging in the blender as we speak.
I generally stay away from the fancy stuff though I admit to a weakness for Pina Coladas - don't think I've had one since about 1974.

Give me a well made Vodka Tonic or good Whiskey. I'm a sipper.
Although I've probably tried almost everything from the bottom shelf to the top shelf over the years, my drink of choice (an acquired taste for an old palate) is Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry. No substitutions from New York State or elsewhere, please!!!
However, I keep getting e-mails from the bar manager at my last place of employment; because I left and there was 1.6=750ml bottles left when I moved. This is not a high volume seller and he has to inventory it every month. To this point, it has not been sold and has not evaporated (good cork) ;) May have to make an emergency trip back to help him out :LOL:


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