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Sep 3, 2004
Don't get caught up in the kind of fish - ie, salmon, or talapia. If you learn the basics of fish 'categories' - ie, mild, flaky, firm, oily, dry, etc, you can pretty much interchange a recipe from one type of fish to another. Lots of times I think we get 'frozen' into thinking, 'well I have some flounder - what 'flounder' recipes do I have?' - rather than just thinking about the type of fish it is, and going from there.

Thoughts, anyone?
I think that is great advice Marm!

I get in the mood for fish so I find an interesting recipe. Then I go to the market and while there decide what type of fish I will buy based on what is available, what looks good, and price. I will know ahead of time whether I am looking for a white mild flaky fish or an oily fish like salmon, but I never pick the exact fish until I get to the store.

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