Where can I get fugu?

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Aug 6, 2010
I'm an avid sushi nut (as in going to restaurants, for my life I couldn't make the stuff). I've tried everything within reason except for fugu. I'm dying to (no pun).

Does anyone know of any good restaurants on the east coast (northeast/middle atlantic is closest) where I could get some? I'd like to also not die, so bonus points if the restaurant is reputable.

Anyone have fugu before? Please tell me about it in excruciating detail. :mrgreen:
There are only a very small handful of restaurants licensed to prepare Fugu in the US. I think there are about 15 or so. The majority (something like 11 or 12) are in New York.
I have had it while living on O'ahu, and even there it is scarce. Maybe, and it is a stretch, you could find it at a high end place like NOBU in NYC.

As for "if the restaurant is reputable" , you wouldn't want it from anything that is licenced to serve it, AND reputable.

As for the experience, it is sashimi. It is a sweet, light fish with firm flesh and having had it, really nothing "amazing". It is the fact you are eating it. Like eating rattlesnake, sure it's ok, and cool to say you did it.
Thanks for the replies.

I heard that trace amounts of the toxin are in the flesh and make your lips tingle (but nothing more) when you eat it. Is there any truth to this?

Can I prepare some at home? :D
Yes that is true and no you can not prepare it at home unless you want to kill yourself. Fugu preparation is not something to be taken lightly which is why it is so hard to find in the US. There is no known antidote to the poison and the death is extremely horrible. The victim remains conscious, but paralyzed while they die, feeling every pain along the way.

It takes years of study before you can be licensed to handle fugu and even them only a small percentage of people who try for a license actually pass and are awarded one.
I may be wrong, but I believe commercial fugu can only be sold to chefs with a fugu preparation license - thankfully.
Personally, if I was avid sushi fan, I’d buy a book and start learning how to make good sushi at home, rather than experiment with my life. But, to each his own. Did you know that there have been cases where even properly trained, licensed and all of that, chefs have made mistakes and the result was, well you know what the result would be.
I say forget fugu, just go play Russian Roulette. Guns are much easier to obtain. Your chances might be the same. I've eaten all kind of crap in my life, but have no desire to try something dangerous for my life. Just ranting, don't pay attention. Good luck. ;)
I was kidding with the "try at home" comment....

The problem with playing Russian Roulette is there is a 1/6 chance of dying. I'm not sure it's that high with fugu. :LOL:

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