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Aug 4, 2004
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As a Food Network addict I can't help but notice that anytime a celebrity chef grabs a wooden spoon it's ALWAYS THE SAME style. I've spent the whole day trying to figure out who makes this spoon. I'm almost positive that it's an H A Mack mixing spoon in french beechwood. Upon searching for H A Mack items I find that most all spoon styles are discontinued except for the basic mixing spoon. This is the spoon I want but a $1.95 spoon requires shipping of $7.95 at Cooking.com. If you want to see the spoon I'm talking about go to cooking.com and put beechwood spoon in the search. I'm sure you'll recognize it. So what happened to H A Mack and can I get their products anywhere ?
I have seen simular beachwood spoons at Linens and Things. I would try one of those or maybe a Kohl's
This sure blows a hole in some of my Christmas shopping plans! :x

Yes, Baub, I think they are the H.A. Mack French beechwood spoons - I got some a couple of years ago and they look just like on TV. I love them because of the larger diameter of the handle. And, it appears that Cooking.Com is the only source for them ... atleast on-line.

For what it's worth ... the head on the 10" is about 1/4" smaller than the 12", which is about 1/4" smaller than the 14", but the head on the 14", 16", and 18" are the same size - only difference is the length of the handle.

That S&H really screws things up when all you're getting is a $1.95 spoon! When I got mine I ordered 4 of each of the 5 sizes (10",12",14",16",18") along with some other things so the S&H wasn't that bad.

I've emailed both Cooking.Com and HA Mack to see what the deal is. I'll let you know if/when I hear from them.
I found an online source for the HA Mack beechwood spoons!

Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop in Philidelphia - their website is http://fantes.com/utensils.htm#beech You can get the complete set (10", 12", 14", 16", 18") for $14.45 with $6.50 S&H.

SurLaTable has a set made from boxwood - they are $56.75 for a set of the same sizes.

If you want to try to find a local source - you can email HA Mack at hamack@empire.net and tell them you're looking for a local source for their French beechwood spoons, and be sure to tell them where you live.
Ok.....call me silly BUT.....does the brand or maker of a spoon or bowl really make a difference?????

I recall a wise man once said "It is far more important what goes in and out of a pot than the pot".
PolishedTopaz - I'm sure your "wise man" would have also suggested getting a pot that didn't crack, melt, or turn into a colandar after a few uses.

Wooden spoons and bowls are made from different woods. Some woods are harder than others, some are more porous than others. Some spoon makers make heavier duty spoons than others. Some dry the wood before making the spoons to cut down on warping. And putting everything together - prices vary depending on the material and maker. Just like in cookware.

I don't get too crazy about wooden spoons (not really into the exotic woods - especially their prices) - except I want something that will not break while I'm using it. The spoons you'll most commonly find on the kitchenwares aisle at the grocery store are under the Ekco brand - really thin and cheap (cheap both in price and quality). The diameter of the handle is not much larger than a #2 pencil. On the other hand, the spoons distributed by HA Mack have a much thicker bowl/head and the handles are thicker - more like those "jumbo" pencils we all used when we were in kindergarten.

I don't so much worry about my pot as what I stir it with.
Point taken....and I agree the wood does make a difference, but not enough to make yourself crazy. A nice olive wood spoon is great but the manufacture really doesn't matter. You can get a great spoon at "Linens and Things" and not have to pay thru the nose for it. The one that I saw that really killed me was someone looking for RR's trash bowl......that bowl specifically for trash ! That made no sense to me at all. In that case a bowl....is a bowl...is a bowl.
Oh - I remember the RR trash bowl discussion! :roll:

Someone told me that I was rude and insensative for saying that if all you're going to use it for is a trash bowl - then a bowl is a bowl is a bowl.
I agree ... a spoon is a spoon is a spoon...Do you think the cooks have "contracted" with certain manufacturers to push their product...if a professional uses it and I want to be like a professional...then I'll buy it...just a thought.
sorry...since I just signed on to the website this morning...i wasn't paying particular attention to the dates...sorry I wasted your time....
Heck, I mentioned that to my cooking buddy the other night.
They DO all use the same spoon.

Therefore, we agreed that if WE got that spoon, we would therefore
be --VOILA!-- Foodnetwork worthy cooks too!

Of course, we were somewhere near the end of a 12 pack by then, LOLOLOL!
Hey - Lazy K is my old (goes back to the days when you had to have a license and the FCC actually enforced the rules) CB handle! :LOL:

I find it quite refreshing, and encouraging, to see that some of our new members are actually reading our old threads and not just starting new ones to rehash what has already been beaten to death.

I still do not think that the "brand name" on the spoon makes it good or bad ... but the quality of the spoon. Thin wooden spoons with handles about as thick as a #2 pencil do not last very long ... heftier spoons do last for a while. H.A. Mack just happens to make good heavy spoons - a comperable spoon with any other brand name on it would probably be just as good.

FWIW - after buying really cheap wooden spoons from the grocery store, K-Mart, Target, etc. that split and broke after a year or two - the hefty ones I got from Fantes that look like the ones the cooking demonstrators on TV use are still going strong with only one problem ... the handle on the one with the 18-inch handle has warped a little - but none have broken or split after 5 years of heavy use - even if they were not expensive or made from more exotic woods.

Hefty, Hefty, Hefty ... wimpy, wimpy, wimpy .... :LOL:
Therefore, we agreed that if WE got that spoon, we would therefore
be --VOILA!-- Foodnetwork worthy cooks too!

"Monkey see, monkey...spoon?"

I kid! I kid! If I had a nickel for each time I've gotten the evil eye for saying, "But, Mom, Alton Brown says..." I'd be a rich man!

Definitely also agree with quality over brand name statement. That's why I like to try to see things in the flesh before I buy them. Even name-brand stuff can be junk (I can't tell if self-censorship made that more funny or less), so I find it easiest to cut through the hype in person.
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