Who Wants a Gourmet Cheese Basket?

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In a few weeks im trying to arrange a private tour for me and my wife of a ' cheese cave' in NYC. I saw them do a piece about this on the food network a few months ago, and i thought it would be a cool experience.
I hope they're still doing it because I just registered!
Ile de France makes the best baguettes so I'm sure their
cheeses are as fantabulous as you say!
Thank you, Natalie :)
thanks nat! one more registered.

the contest goes through the end of the year, mollyanne, as per the fine print.

<cue le marseillaise>
ile de france, direct from france - through fairfield, new joisey. lol.
Thanks for posting this!!!! Cheese is awesome! :D
It's only open to US residents... :(
I'm sad, I have to go BUY cheese now. :'(
I really am sad about this.
Did anyone happed to see any of the videos? I saw one from Philly for a baguette, sliced the long way and then brushed with a mustard vinegrette, topped with sauteed mushrooms,roasted red peppers , carmelized onions, topped with St Albany cheese, it was fantastic looking. We will be making it this weekend.

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