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Jul 19, 2011
Well, I noticed something called European Style Butter at the grocery store yesterday and decided that the extra 20 cents was worth my curiosity, since we needed butter anyways. Well, turns out that european style butter is apparently unsalted, which isn't seen as an ideal toast topper in this household. Anyone have suggestions for a recipe that uses a large quantity of unsalted butter so I can use this up? Thanks!
I only buy unsalted butter, so I use it in everything. Like Andy said, baking is probably the best, but also for cooking, just adjust the salt you add to the dish for taste.
I love unsalted butter for cooking and baking (on the rare occasions I bake). It's makes wonderful butter cream frosting. I prefer it over salted butter for that. You can use it in anything that calls for butter really. Like CMama said, just adjust the amount of salt you are using if needed.
i use the unsalted butter exclusively. i am on a restricted salt diet. i have just gotten used to it. if i get salted somewhere else as a guest it tastes really really salty. of unsalted is what i use for baking. i don't find that it is more expensive at my market.
I was going to say exactly that, June. If I am going to take the time to make my own puff pastry, I always buy the European butter. Makes all the difference in the world. Not that I do it that often, but it is nice.

I will buy salted butter if it is to be used on things like corn on the cob or other fresh vegetables, and then I don't add extra salt. But for everything else I use unsalted.
any recipe, besides baking, where you would melt the butter (like sauteeing). just add salt.

i never buy salted butter. i can add salt when i feel it's needed, but you can't take it out.
The best Butter in Europe comes from the Alps, the unsalted variety is fantastic on croissants with jam.It is also fabbo on a sarnie that contains ingredients with a high salt content
When I buy this I don't share it! It is almost more like cheese than butter, and I just put a slice of it on bread! But any cooking it is just fine. Saute, fry, your family won't know the difference! Just add a pinch of salt.
I ended up making brownies, which were delicious. But I'm a salt lover, I can't get enough of the stuff :P It was much paler than our normal butter though...

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