WTH was that???

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Larry D.

Head Chef
Jan 12, 2005
Clemmons, NC
This will get your attention at 5:30 in the morning, especially when you don't know what it is.

couldn't resist. I had to go to work this morning to get ready for a remote.
My boss was already there, but upstairs. I snuck in and burned a cd with about
3 minutes of those hideous howls. Turned all the lights off, put it in the cd
player, turned the speakers way up and hit play.

I run into the office next door, so I can see his shadow on the wall all the
way down the hall. Sure enough he comes down after hearing the sound...
starts to go back upstairs but it howls again. I hear "wtf?" and he starts
down the wrong hall....it howls again and comes back to the
right hall and stands there, waiting, unsure of what to do. Meanwhile
I'm about to piss trying to keep my laughing quiet, when I see him go to the
room where the sounds are coming from. He is standing in the doorway,
scared to go in, and at that time it howls again and I come flying down the hall
grab his arm and scream "run it's alive"

dude was shaking and I fell down laughing so hard. oh man, good times. He was

got a good feeling that next weekend at Beach Boogie and BBQ those sounds
may be heard coming from the bushes around midnight. 8)

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